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Panasonic G6 NFC Sharing with my Galaxy S4

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by finerflower, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. I am confused about how the NFC function works with my Panasonic G6 to my Samsung Galaxy S4. (Both are up to date with firmware, operating system, etc)

    I assume that if I am away from wifi, should still be able to share images from my camera to my phone. When I first purchased the camera in December and had issues, I called Panasonic and they said that the NFC function had to have a good wifi connection first. I thought HMMM, thats weird, I thought the whole point that if I was away from wifi in the middle of nowhere, I would still be able to shoot my image from my cam to my phone. They said sorry, that's not how it works, I didn't believe them and still don't..... I never could consistently get this function to work. I can successfully upload top flickr, facebook, etc. Its just that the cam to phone via NFC is WONKY.

    I read, re-read and re-re read my manual on how this function works. I'm not clear on whether I have to initiate a wifi connection first. Every time I follow the manual this is what happens.

    I launch the image app on my phone, I touch the phone to the camera, the phone launches the play store. Then what? I already have the correct app.

    I tried many different other combinations, randomly, something works and a picture gets sent, however, I cannot reliably repeat the steps to success. I'm a bit steamed because I chose this camera mainly because it had so many features, namely NFC!

    So my questions:

    1)Must I have a wifi connection for NFC to work?

    2)What is the exact sequence of events for an image to successfully transfer from my cam to my phone.

    3)Any other suggestions for a workaround would be greatly appreciated. (Has anyone had success with the wifi usb drives?)


  2. Wasabi Bob

    Wasabi Bob Mu-43 All-Pro

    Install the app and do the initial pairing.
    Once the pairing has taken place, you launch the app and tap the two devices together, at both their NFC points. Physically touching the two devices at their designated spots is key.

    If the app is not paired to the camera, the camera isn't seeing the app and it's taking you to the web site to get the app.

    NFC by itself is just a connection protocol - you still need to have the app installed, paired and running before attempting to share.
    To share, go to PLAY mode, select the images to transfer, and "tap" - with the image app already paired and running.

    You do not need to have either device connected to WiFi. Once the images have been transferred you will need either wifi or cell service to send the images to any Internet photo site.
  3. OK -

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app on my Galaxy S4. When I start up the app, it tells me I must connect to wifi to connect to the phone.

    So I turned on the wifi. Next I touched the phone to the camera and I heard a tone from the phone, but nothing from the camera.

    -How to I re-pair the phone to the cam?
    -What "mode" should the camera be in? Should it be on playback mode?

    Thanks so much for you suggestions. I'm going to beat this yet!
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