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Panasonic G3 w/14-42mm Lens: $299

Discussion in 'Hot Deals - Find a Great Deal? Share It Here.' started by Biro, Nov 22, 2012.

  1. Biro

    Biro Mu-43 All-Pro

    May 8, 2011
    Jersey Shore
    If you want to get into micro four thirds on the cheap and still have a reasonably current camera and sensor, and prefer a built-in viewfinder, here's your chance. B&H has the Panasonic G3 with 14-42mm kit zoom on sale for $299. They're calling it a Black Friday special but this deal is listed until December 31. Free shipping, too. It doesn't get any better than this.

    Panasonic Lumix DMC-G3 Digital Camera Kit (Black) DMC-G3KK B&H
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  2. spatulaboy

    spatulaboy I'm not really here Subscribing Member

    Jul 13, 2011
    North Carolina
    holy crap!
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  3. spinyman

    spinyman Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Nov 19, 2010
    San Diego
    Very small form factor, articulating LCD,great evf,16mp sensor,Pany menus,I'm tempted to own this camera again! Best deal so far.
  4. flipmack

    flipmack Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 23, 2012
    irvine, CA
    wow what a great deal. is a G3 a significant upgrade compared to an EPM1?
  5. sLorenzi

    sLorenzi Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Sep 15, 2010
    To me it is: 16mpx sensor, tilt screen. evf. And it is an excellent deal, wow.
  6. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Pretty good deal!
  7. Biro

    Biro Mu-43 All-Pro

    May 8, 2011
    Jersey Shore
    I agree that it is. It has a more-modern, 16mp sensor, built-in EVF (and a good one) and an articulating rear LCD. The G3 and E-PM1 make a nice pair in a micro four-thirds kit. The G3 for when you need higher IQ, an EVF or a slightly larger body to handle bigger/longer lenses. The E-PM1 for when compactness is the higher priority along with very good IQ. I own and use both cameras and recommend them both.
  8. brianb032

    brianb032 Mu-43 Veteran

    Jan 10, 2011
    Tempting, tempting, tempting. If Amazon matches it, I'll buy one for a family-member.
  9. flipmack

    flipmack Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 23, 2012
    irvine, CA
    ...oh man. that's too tempting. Good thing is that the deal is good until the end of the year - so I've got some time to make my decision.

    I'll probably sell of my EPM1 and the kit 14-42, so the upgrade wouldn't be too big of a hit.
  10. svtquattro

    svtquattro Mu-43 Veteran

    Sep 24, 2012
    Vancouver, Canada
    whew. I want an EVF.
  11. flipmack

    flipmack Mu-43 Veteran

    Mar 23, 2012
    irvine, CA
    oh man...but if I get the G3, I lose the grainy B&W art filter. I love having this set up as Myset1 and programmed to the 'video' button on my EPM1...I take a lot of B&W pics and I don't know about you guys, but the grainy film art filter really does it for me.
  12. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    The G3 sensor is definitely better at high ISO, but you lose out on Olympus image processing, metering, AWB and art filters.
  13. Mogul

    Mogul Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 9, 2012
    I just sent BH the following message:

    "I want to return this purchase. You just lowered the price by $100. Please send me an RMA. As soon as you have the camera back and my account is credited, I will re-order the camera at the reduced price. Thank you"

    I wonder how they will react!
  14. Jonathan F/2

    Jonathan F/2 Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    Aug 10, 2011
    Why don't you call and ask for a price adjustment?
  15. Mogul

    Mogul Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 9, 2012
    I think I'll see if they take the initiative on that. It leaves me with more leverage. If they do offer an adjustment, I will be happy to accept. If they choose to just take the camera back, i might counter-offer. They are honorable people. I'm sure we will work something out.
  16. absolutic

    absolutic Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 21, 2011
    well, Amazon has had it for $329.... so it is only a $30 difference..... but psychologically of course $299 feels a lot cheaper than $329.... just like $199 feels a lot cheaper than $201.

    I had that camera a little over a year ago (G3) and it was quite decent, in real life it turned out to be much smaller than the photos of it would make you believe. In fact with 20/1.7 lens, it was pocketable in my leather jacket's large pockets, unlike my current OM-D.

    Now does it mean used ones would be going $200 soon?
  17. sawyer748

    sawyer748 New to Mu-43

    Nov 24, 2012
    First post to Mu43 for me. I've been looking to upgrade from p&s to M43 for a while now, couldn't resist this deal. Hard to believe that I just paid $299 for a G3 w/ lens when I paid $399 for the Powershot S90 it is replacing!
  18. citan

    citan Mu-43 Rookie

    Jul 24, 2011
    Piscataway, NJ
    Me too, just picked up my first m43, coming from ps looking for better shots of my little kids. Thanks for the heads up on this deal!
  19. Mogul

    Mogul Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 9, 2012
    I ordered and received the G3 kit for $399. I just spoke to a B&H customer service representative, informed him of my order and subsequent price reduction, and was informed (without asking) that an immediate refund for the difference was being issued as we spoke.

    I have never received customer service of this type in my life! Fast, courteous and to my complete satisfaction.

    Rest assured that B&H will be getting a high percentage of my business from now on. Thank you B&H and thank you Jonothan F/2, who suggested I make the phone call.
  20. RamblinR

    RamblinR Mu-43 Top Veteran Subscribing Member

    Aug 16, 2012
    Qld Australia
    How is the G3 compared to the em5 for
    Touch screen
    Overall handling

    Thinking I might pick this up for a family member.
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