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New owner of a G2. I tried iA and pointed the camera at a Sunset but the Sunset scene did not register. Has anyone else had this problem? Looked through the manual and even spoke with Panasonic support but still did not get clear information of what makes a sunset in the iA mode register.

Also does anyone know what the difference is between the iA Sunset and the SCN REC Mode Sunset? I also asked Panasonic support but the answer didn’t make sense. Maybe if I could get the Sunset in iA to register it would have.


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iA mode does not go through all of the modes available in SCN to find the right one to use, it only goes through the most common/popular subset of 5 or 6 scene types. I can't recall where I read which scenes iA does evaluate for, so I'm not sure if Sunset is one of them. The rest of the scene modes you actually have to scroll to SCN for and select (or learn what the camera is doing in those auto modes and do it yourself in A/S/M).
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I noticed this too

I have to agree with Anna.

I have a G2 as well--its iA mode is supposed to identify sunsets and provide the optimum setting for this, but to date, I have never seen the sunset icon. It has correctly identified faces so I see the Portrait icon and the Scenery icon as well as the closeup icon. The last two seem to show up as a result of focusing distance. The Portrait shows up if the face identification is working. But, so far, the sunset has not shown up.

I wonder how this mode is activated? Lot of red in the top half of the picture?

Nevertheless, it is still a source of amazement to see those icons appear when the camera has identified a scene.

Has anyone seen this sunset icon in iA mode?



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iA Mode, Sunsets

Did you resolve your problem? I ask since I too am interested in this
issue. For sunsets I normally shoot on A and focus on infinity, point lens
to left of actual image, preview, adjust exp. to liking and shoot. Isn't the iA settings more like point & shoot? In PSAM settings you have more command and control over touchy subjects.


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Thank you for your reply. I have not got any solution to this question and I agree using the more "manual" modes provides greater control. It was to me, an interesting theoretical question on "scene" identification. How does, iA look at a sunset scene and determine that it is indeed either a sunset or a sunrise. My camera has never, in iA, correctly identified that type of scene and when I called the Panasonic technical support to find out if the camera was defective, one of the answers I received was that some of the new functions in the camera are so new that they have never fully been tested out:frown:

Interesting enough, when you use the Advanced Scene modes and manually adjust the camera for a sunset scene, one of the things it does is provide a post processing step that enhances the red in the JPEG files.

So I pretty much now use either A or P mode for most of my shots and shoot in RAW JPEG file format. I have been pleased with the results so I guess it is no big deal that the camera cannot identify sunsets in iA.