Panasonic FZ1000 to replace G6+14-140mm?

Discussion in 'This or That? (MFT only)' started by ntblowz, Jun 12, 2014.

  1. ntblowz

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    Nov 13, 2011
    Auckland, New Zealand
    I just bought G6+14-140 kit right before the FZ1000 announcement, what a bad timing :S So now I have a dilemma

    I was planning to use G6 + 14-140mm as travel camera since it is light and small for this kind of zoom range, and use as B-cam for GH4, but the spec with FZ1000 is mighty tempting, and it have the same color profile as GH4 (Cine D/V) which make colour grading even easier, let along the 4K recording option and 120fps 1080P slowmo which is even more useful than GH4's 96fps.

    Should I dump the just bought G6 kit (stiil in transit) or keep it so I can still use other lens on it.
  2. GFFPhoto

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    Feb 24, 2013
    For stills, the G6 has the upper hand, for video, the FZ1000.
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  3. val

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    Dec 19, 2013
    Do you need what the FZ1000 offers?

    If not then stay with your G6.
  4. rklepper

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    Dec 19, 2012
    Iowa, USA
    How long until the fz1000 actually ships?
  5. ijm5012

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    Oct 2, 2013
    Pittsburgh, PA
    For travel photography, the G6/14-140 II is the winner hands down. It's smaller and lighter, and allows you to swap on a fast prime for night photography (15/1.7, 17/1.8, 20/1.7, 25/1.8). With the FZ1000, you're stuck with the 2.8-4.0 max aperture.
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