Panasonic DMW-GCK1 conversion lens kit?

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by madogvelkor, May 31, 2013.

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    Feb 22, 2013
    Has anyone tried the Panasonic DMW-GCK1 conversion lens kit?

    Panasonic DMW-GCK1 Conversion Lens Kit DMC-GCK1

    It looks like they have the macro and wide angle converters plus a fisheye converter in a single package (but not the awful teleconverter) for $319. That's a better deal than getting them separately, but is it worth it?

    For a bit more you could get the Samyang 7.5 plus a legacy MF macro lens (or just a reversal ring for even less). Could software correct the fisheye effect on the Samyang if you just wanted a standard wide angle shot?
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    John M
    I've only tried the wide angle and found it to perform pretty well.
    I just didn't think the difference from 11mm to 14mm was enough for me. Since I found the wide angle not my cup and haven't tried the others I will comment on your option #2.

    I like the legacy options and have a dedicated macro along with a few other fast lenses and extension tubes.

    The 7.5 is one of my favorites.
    Rectilinear conversion was a pretty important feature when I first bought it and I do enjoy some of the profiles available but I enjoy the original distortion much more.

    Here are a few threads concerning defishing.
    There are more very informative threads as well.