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  1. I've just received my Panasonic G6 and was disappointed to realise that I'd have to upgrade Lightroom 4 to edit the RAW files. Those thinking of upgrading to the G6 or GX7 will need to factor in the £60 upgrade to Lightroom 5 as well!

    Apart from that small matter I am very happy with the camera! It does feel a bit cheap compared to the G5 though, but focus peaking should hopefully make up for that. I picked up the G6 with the new 14-140mm for £764 after the £150 discount for sending in an old camera (it doesn't even have to work!) and the £23.60 Quidco cash back. Factoring in the £600 price if the lens I have managed to get a G6 for £164! The lens appears to be perfectly adequate and should be a lot easier to use on days out with the family. The video footage from the G6 is awesome as well: video isn't something I've played with much but with focus peaking and the quality of the foot it is now something I'll use more.
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    If you download the (free) Adobe DNG converter you can convert the files to DNG format and convert them in Lightroom 4.
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    Man, I wish Panasonic would offer those kinds of trade-in deals in the U.S. But over here, they seem to think they that because not many people buy m43 cameras they shouldn't waste money marketing them. Then they wonder why no one knows about their camera products!

    Back on topic: Adobe's policy has always been to support cameras that were released while the product version is current. So any cameras released prior to LR 5 will be supported by LR 4. Any cameras released after LR5 won't be. With the G6, though, it seems like they might be stretching things a little. I think the G6 may have been released over seas before LR5 was. Not positive about that, though.