Panasonic DMC-G5KK 16MP Compact System Camera with 14–42 mm Zoom Lens - $329

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  1. superdad3d

    superdad3d New to Mu-43

    Apr 21, 2013
    The refurbished groupon deal is back slightly cheaper this week. Even though I just bought a d3100 last week, I picked up this g5 to see what all the fuss is about.

    The Deal

    $329.99 for a Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5KK 16-megapixel compact system camera with 14–42 mm zoom lens (manufacturer refurbished) ($699.99 list price)

    Any price comparison is to a new, non-refurbished product price.

    Panasonic Lumix 16-Megapixel Compact System Camera

    Designed to yield clear, vivid photographs and video recordings alike, Panasonic's Lumix G5 camera packs powerful technology into a compact body. The 16.05-megapixel Live MOS sensor uses pixel mix technology to minimize noise and maximize the resolution. A 3" touchscreen makes it easier for photographers to evaluate their images right after snapping them. In addition to the one included lens, the system camera can also be outfitted with the whole range of Lumix G and Leica DG lenses. Other features include touch auto focus in video recording, which gives all photographers professional-grade rack focusing just by pointing at the subject, as well as 6 frame-per-second burst shooting for documenting fast-moving subjects during sporting events or alien invasions.

    16-megapixel Digital Live MOS sensor
    Compact design
    14–42 mm zoom lens
    1080 HD video for capturing life's everyday scenes or making original music videos for your polka band
    3" touchscreen
    High-speed touch AF system
    HDR (High Dynamic Range)
    Six-fps burst shooting with 16.05-megapixel full-resolution
    Venus Engine renders clear, crisp photographs and video
    One-year warranty from Panasonic
    Batteries included
    Condition: manufacturer refurbished
    Weight: 1.24 pounds
    Dimensions: 4.72"x3.28"x2.79"

    Also - Most orders are delivered within 2 1/2 weeks from the purchase date

    You have 2 hrs to cancel an order and after that you're stuck with it. I think I'm gonna cancel my order based on that alone.

    **edit: I cancelled my order yesterday due to FINAL SALE buyer's remorse, then today I re-ordered due to canceler's remorse.

    **edit: Full spec sheet
  2. madogvelkor

    madogvelkor Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Feb 22, 2013
    Wow, the price on the G5 is really dropping. A good deal if you don't need the 45-150 that comes in the other bundle. If all you want is the body you could probably sell the kit lens and bring the price down to $250 or so.
  3. WT21

    WT21 Mu-43 Legend Subscribing Member

    Feb 19, 2010
  4. drewbot

    drewbot Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Oct 21, 2011
    Toronto, ON
    GH2 with multi-aspect disabled.
  5. Steven

    Steven Mu-43 All-Pro

    May 25, 2012
    Wow what a deal. Is the 14-42 the new one?
  6. superdad3d

    superdad3d New to Mu-43

    Apr 21, 2013
    It's not the power zoom if that's what you're asking
  7. superdad3d

    superdad3d New to Mu-43

    Apr 21, 2013
    Oops..I think it's cause I was logged in to my Groupon when I copied the link. Fixed thanks
  8. thomastaesu

    thomastaesu Mu-43 Regular

    Nov 16, 2012
    ATL, GA
    I do not think the new 14-42 is out yet. I think it will debut with GF6 launch.
  9. ConChuot

    ConChuot Mu-43 Rookie

    Jan 19, 2013
    San Jose, CA
    I have omd em 5. Just pulled the trigger for this deal as a back up camera. Thank for the tip!
  10. superdad3d

    superdad3d New to Mu-43

    Apr 21, 2013
    I cancelled my order after I found out you can't return it unless defective. I just bought s D3100 a couple weeks ago so I don't "need" another camera of similar size, but said hell with it and went bought this anyway.

    Worst case scenario it makes a great gift if I don't keep it. I'm sure I'll forget someone's birthday at some point this year though.
  11. superdad3d

    superdad3d New to Mu-43

    Apr 21, 2013
    Holy golf balls Batman I did it already! I just realized my own birthday is in 2 days. Phew...I'm sure glad that dilemma is resolved. Now all I have figure out is which one of my personalities is going to wrap it. Cheers :drinks:
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