Panasonic develops Time of Flight camera sensor for a "PERFECT autofocus system"


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Jan 27, 2021
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No estoy listo para esto todavía.
I have read about this technology and would be very happy to see it on new Panasonic bodies even though I manually focus on my videography.


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Jun 27, 2020
Don't know where this old thread came but ToF sensors are already very much available. They have been used in high-end smartphones since one Galaxy S10 model and they are very accurate indeed.

They are so accurate that some smartphone apps use them to measure exact size of objects in close proximity and for all sorts of augmented reality applications in addition to actual AF function.

ToF sensors have typically very low resolution like 160*240 but each pixel is in this case a very accurate and very fast AF site so 38 400 of those is a huge improvement compared to, say, 120 AF sites Olympus uses. Since these sensors work independently of the camera sensor, they are equally fast vith every frame rate.

The only downside is that current inexpensive smartphone ToF sensors only work over very short distances and don't like bright sunshine so while they would make a huge improvement for portraits or so, DFD or AF can't be entirely replaced with them. Then again, the most vocal complaints about AF accuracy come from users who need very narrow DOF relatively close to camera like vbloggers.
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