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Dec 11, 2013
New Jersey (South) and Northeast Pennsylvania
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Curious, what do you have your C1, C2-1, C2-2 and C2-3 buttons set to? I'm just curious about best practices. I mostly shoot jpeg because I'm not a pro and I shoot mainly for fun. I don't need huge raw files of my dog so my C1 is set to jpeg only, However, when I am out and see something interesting I can quickly get to C2-1,2,3 to set my cam to RAW.

This is what I use the C buttons for and the main settings that change- (All have center weighted AE and AWB)

C1- [mainly for jpeg]: jpeg-fine, A-priority f/4, quiet mode, e shutter, natural scene mode, intelligent ISO

C2-1 [mainly for raw]; raw & jpeg-fine, A-priority f/4, standard scene mode, normal shutter, auto ISO

C2-2 [mainly for fast shutter]; raw & jpeg-fine, S-priority 1/500, standard scene mode, normal shutter, auto ISO

C2-3 [mainly for quick B&W jpegs with RAW backup]; raw & jpeg-fine, dynamic monochrome filter

What do you use the C settings for?


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Jul 18, 2012
Hong Kong / Raincouver
I use mine for work, switching mode immediately is essentially for any surprise situation and very reason way I upgrade from EM5 to GH4

C1 still portraits
C2 group photo settings with flash EV compensation
C3-1 action shots, running kids / pets
C3-2 4k Video, just in case i need to print from prolong actions
C3-3 haven't decide yet

T N Args

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Dec 3, 2013
Adelaide, Australia
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call me Arg
I normally have touch screen off for PASM shooting, because the focus point moves around unintentionally by touch and catches me unawares, so I use C1 as an instant touch-on dial so I can use neat tricks like touch-to-shoot, and touch-backscreen-to-move-focus-point-while-using-EVF.


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Dec 8, 2012
My GM1 spends 95% of the time on C1.

C1: Aperture priority, Auto-ISO, wide open, raw, fn1 set to AEL, and touch screen focus turned off (too easy to bump on accident)
C2-1: Same as C1, but with touch screen focus on.
C2-2: Low light mode. Similar to C1 but shutter priority so I can quickly choose my minimum shutter speed.
C2-3: Best video mode. Manual video control, highest quality settings, other little video oriented settings.
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