Panasonic 7-14, my filters adapter solution

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by mauro, Aug 20, 2015.

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    I'm a happy owner of Panasonic 7-14 f4, I use it mainly for lasdscapes shot and I frequently shot long exposures.

    I tried different solution to put square 100mm filters on this lens and finally I realized a easy to make adapter. My adapter allow to use at maximum 2 100mm filters (4") at 7.5mm minimum.Here are the steps to realize it:

    First of all you have to get this material:

    -d|focus adapter for 7-14

    -100mm holder with 82mm adapter. Haida and Lee holder work fine

    -Bicomponent glue and bicomponent plastic repair

    1- With the lens mounted on the camera, put the d|focus on the lens with the 77mm thread pointed towards the camera and push it toward the camera until you don't see any vegnetting.

    2-Temporany unscrew the holder slots

    3-Put the holder with adapter on a flat table, umount the lens from the camera and put it inside with the hood toward the table. Glue holder and d!focus with bicomponent glue, it is important to cover with generous glue on all the perimeter.

    When the glue is dry paint it with black color to prevent light leakages

    The sistem is now perfectly usable. If you want it is possible to create some stops to allow to place the system quickly in the right position.

    4- Push back toward the camera the system of 1-2mm maximum, cover the petals with paper tape.

    Take the bicomponent plastic repair and put 4 small quantity of material on the 4 dips of the hood, wait 1 hour and remove the system from the lens.

    Smooth the 4 stops created and cover its with black paint.

    5- Finish and sorry for my English!

    Some exhample shots

    16602592059_3860c88829_z. bb2 by Mauro Rado, su Flickr

    19454304409_3706cfe95b_z. Slea head by Mauro Rado, su Flickr
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    Nice. FYI, the bicomponent products are sold as epoxies in the U.S.

    Be sure not to get any glue on the lens, clean immediately with rubbing alcohol if it happens.

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