Panasonic 25mm rattle on G6


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Jul 8, 2014
New Zealand
Hello everybody,
I have the panasonic Leica 25mm and use it on a Panasonic g6, like most people, I love this lens, however, there is one major issue I have noticed. Whenever I focus, no matter what mode I am in, the lens rattles rather loudly, it sometimes also happens when I switch the camera on. I believe this is the same 'rattlesnaking' phenomenon that many experience with their 25mms and olympus cameras. I find it rather strange that it is happening on my panasonic body. I have tried all the various combinations of focusing settings and the problem remains. However there is one mode where the lens focuses silently, albeit a tiny bit slower, this is in video mode after I press record, before I press record, it shows the same problems. While I do not believe that this has any impact on image quality, it is definitely very irritating at times and frustrating given the price of this lens.

If anybody knows anything about this issue or has any solutions, especially with a panasonic body, please let me know. I will post a video of my problem if needed.

Thanks you all in advance,


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Aug 9, 2013
Burlington Ontario
The chattering sound is the aperture blades opening and closing. Because of the large blade size, and design, this lens is louder than others.
It's no big deal. There's nothing wrong with it. And, it will make this noise on EVERY m4/3 camera.
If you keep your camera in Aperture priority mode, you will only hear the chattering when taking a picture at anything other than f1.4, and when you point the camera at a bright light source(like the sky).
If your camera is in "iAuto" mode, the noise can appear any time your camera adjusts its settings.

Also; Your camera will slow down the speed that the blades move during video, to keep it quiet.
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