Panasonic 14mm vs 14-45mm?

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by voltcontrol, May 2, 2013.

  1. voltcontrol

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    Apr 26, 2013
    Panasonic 14mm vs 14-45mm? .. Vs Oly 45 ... Or?


    I currently have the 14 on my G3, should I add an Oly 45 or just get the 14-45mm? I read wildly differing opinions, and don't exactly which criteria count the most in this comparison...

    I always have the G3+ one lens (the 14mm, sometimes legacy ~50 to ~60mm) stuff with me and am liking the 14mm as it is so far, but am curious about 'better glass'.

    Your thoughts on this are very welcome.
  2. Al.

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    Jul 3, 2010
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    I have all three, but it's all down to personal preference, most of my photography is done with the 14mm as I don't gell with longer lenses, the 14 - 45 is a good walk about lens and has the extra reach if you need it. and must admit when I have it on, most of the time I shoot at the wider end anyway.

    That said its a bit slow and the wider primes come into their own in lower light.

    Optically i would rate the Oly first, the 14-45 second and not far behind, the 14
  3. Wizard Steve

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    Feb 10, 2013
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    David Ricketts
    Like you, I'm just starting out in photography. I made a few unwise purchases initially and I'm currently selling off some bits and pieces to rationalise my camera bag.

    I had two primes (the O17/1.8 and the O45/1.8). I liked the 17. I found that if I was walking around and saw something I wanted to photograph, all I had to do was lift the camera to my eye and I'd have a pleasing well framed shot. With the 45 however, I found I was always too near to my subject or too far from it. I just couldn't naturally frame shots with it and spent a lot of time advancing towards or backing away from my subject. The images, once I got them, looked great but I was not bonding with the lens. I also found that changing lenses was a drag, particularly when I was with other people.

    So I've sold the 45.

    I've added the O12-50.

    What this gives me is a little versatility in terms of focal length, a weather-sealed lens for when it's raining or we're at the beach, and a macro option.

    Now, I'll pick a single lens when I go out and stick with it. If I know that the 17mm focal length will be appropriate, the weather's fine, I'm not going to be at the beach, or there's not going to be much light around, I'll pick the 17. If I'm going to the beach, or the weather's crappy, or I can't predict what focal lengths I'll need, and I know there's going to be plenty of light, I'll take the zoom.

    So my advice, would be to take the 14 and the 14-45. Of course your circumstances might dictate a different choice.