Panasonic 100-300 performance

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  1. Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 7, 2011
    Long Beach, MS
    What's everyone's experience with the 100-300? I have a new copy and it's nearly impossible to shoot birds in flight. The lens seeks all over the place and won't lock onto the bird.


  2. Tom Swaman

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    Are you using a tripod/bean bags? How are you metering? What f-stop are you using? Wgat ISO are you using? I am new with mine, but I am very favorably impressed. No, this lens is not a Nikon f/4, 600 mm, but then it doesn'tcost $13,000 plus and take a Gitzo Series 3 or bigger to stabilize it. From what I am learning, this is a specialized lens that only works best under limited conditions.

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  3. Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 7, 2011
    Long Beach, MS
    This was shooting off-hand; aperture priority, average metering. The light was enough to get suitable shutter speeds. Again, the problem I'm having is that the lens won't acquire the target, especially a bird in motion. I'm getting a reasonable number of keepers on static subjects, especially when I can get close enough. I have other lenses that I can shoot off a tripod, and I was planning to use this off-hand for rapidly moving birds. Here's one such still:

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  4. What camera are you using? Some of the Olympus bodies have a large AF point which users have reported be a bit indiscriminate at times. I don't know what the Panasonic bodies are like, although I have seen a large series of surfing shots taken on a GH2 + 100-300 which included a lot of misses, but that could be for a variety of reasons not necessarily the fault of the camera or lens.
  5. Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 7, 2011
    Long Beach, MS
    Using a Panny G1. Definitely not shooting at arm's length with one of the others.
  6. Biro

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    May 8, 2011
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    I use my 100-300mm with a G1 and so far haven't had any problems. On the other hand... I haven't tried to capture a lot of birds in flight. This is typical of the results I get. The image is downsized for the web but I think it still retains good detail. Click on the image twice to get a larger size.

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  7. Similar experience with the 45-200mm lens. Especially under low contrast conditions. One reason why all my posted bird images are stationary photos.

    For people who have used both the 45-200 & 100-300mm, notice any differences in speed of focus capture?