Pana. 20mm and 25mm in stock, briefly

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  1. freedda

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    I have been madly looking for the Panasonic 20mm or 25mm (preferred) to take with me on a photo trip early next month. They have been out of stock for months, with no word from Panasonic as to when they would be back.

    I was resigned to buying the 30mm Sigma lens (not bad, but not great either) for the trip, but when I went to B&H web site to order yesterday, the 25mm was in stock! With shaking hands I quickly placed my order.

    I noticed that within minutes this lens was no long in stock, so however many they got were quickly scoped up. I looked today and the 20mm is out of stock also.

    I guess the good news is they are being made available, though supply obviously can't keep up with demand, at least right now. I'm glad I'll be able to take the 25mm on this trip with me, along with the Oly 45mm, which is now one of my favorite lenses.

    Best, David
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  2. Manu-4Vendetta

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    Jul 8, 2011
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    Im in similar situation. But i cant wait more. :(
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    Feb 23, 2010
    I scooped up an extra 20mm back when supply was abundant. That was over a year ago. Supply sure seems to have been limited for a while now.