Pan and Crop - 4K to 1080P

Discussion in 'Video Post-Production' started by D7k1, Aug 20, 2016.

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    Nov 18, 2013
    Was testing my new-used Oly 9-18mm at an old fort (Fort Washington, Vancouver WA) and thought this well rig would make an interesting long pull shot. Since it was just me and I didn't even know what was allowed I took a very small tripod with the smallest "fluid" head Manfrotto head. This lens of course is very small and I don't have the accessories to even try a manual long pull, so I shoot in 4K and did a Pan and Crop. One, I am impressed with the little Oly, especially at the used price. Secondly, I am now in a bad habit of using 4K to rescue me so I shoot all scenes in 4k, now that I can "rescue" many in post using Pan and Crop and have very good 1080P (which is still the most common delivery codec I think). Nothing great but least it gives you an idea of what can be done with m43 gear.

    Of course it looks better before the YouTube "mastering":)
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    Jun 20, 2014
    I've done the same with timelapse.

    I was once asked how I did it without using a large rail system and had to point out that single picture capture at 40mp allowed plenty of leeway when the output is only 2.1mp (1080p), I could feel them facepalming as I answered.

    It's a really useful skill to have.