Paint Mines, Colorado

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    This spot is about 40 miles northeast of Colorado Springs, Colorado, or a few miles outside of the town of Calhan, Colorado. It is an interpretive park maintained by the county of El Paso. There is no use fee. There are a few miles of good trails that cross the prairie in this park. The paint mines themselves are a small eroded area in the middle of the prairie. It is a short walk, approximately 1/2 mile, to the rock formations from the nearest trailhead, and about another 1/4 mile to the end of the formations.

    Native Americans used this area in prehistoric and historic times to mine clays to use for ceremonial paints and painting pottery.
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    Brent Watkins
    I'm jealous of how much you get around! I'm a sucker for unique geology. The color and light on shot 4 almost makes it look like some of the rocks are illuminated from inside. Beautiful country and great photos.
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    That reflected light is killer.

    Reminds me of pictures of Painted Hills in Oregon but on a much more intimate scale. Never seen those in person either.
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  4. Very nice. You should visit Cathedral Gorge State Park in Nevada. It's about 90 miles west of Cedar City on US 93.
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    Some of those rock formations remind me of capaddocia in Turkey
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    Thank you! What a treat, though I'm bummed too. I grew up in the Springs and visit every year. I was unaware of this bit of paradise. I will definitely plan an adventure on my next pilgrimage.
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    I was trying to remember this group of flowers and leaves which look vaguely familiar. The contemplation was long, but Sweet peas?
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