Padparadscha in the spring

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    I want to share the result of a collaboration between a friend (for the subject) and myself (the photographer).

    For those that are puzzled by the title, Padparadscha is a variety of sapphire having a pinkish orange to orangish pink color. Today's subject is a fine example of a close to pink, bright and exceptionally clear 4ct stone. My friend's contribution is having set this stone in a platinum ring, supported by two trilliant cut diamonds.

    Our collaboration means that before shipping his top jewels to the customer, I make a photograph, either for archival purposes or for advertisement purposes. When bringing this ring, we noticed the similarity between the stone's color and the blossom of a Japanese cherry in my front yard. This inspired the following photo:


    For those interested in the technical part, it was taken with a GX1 and PL45@f/3.2. Natural lighting through a window from the left and a white reflector on the right. Postprocessing in Camera Raw by color calibration via Colorchecker, brightness and black level adjustments, and finally some burning. No saturation or hue changes. In Photoshop focus stacking of 6 images. Small cleanup of spots and brown rims on the petals and some dust on the metal. Smart sharpen on the final image.
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    At first I only saw the top part and thought the top of the ring was water droplets on the blossoms. Beautifully conceived and done.
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    Thats a pretty amazing image. Thanks for the story behind the shot too :thumbup: