PAD Project Experience... Day 30 Review.

Brian Mosley

Administrator Emeritus
Dec 15, 2009
Hello everyone,

I thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could post our thoughts on the PAD when we reach Day 30... here is my own PAD Gallery with the story so far...

Please add your own thoughts to this thread when you reach day 30 in your own PAD - it will be fascinating to read any realisations or experience you can share at that point, and this will be a good place to share the success of our group!

First off, I do find it inspiring and also enlightening to follow the PAD entries of everyone else in the group - you may decide this is far too much of a commitment, but I've found that I feel much more 'plugged in' to the energy of the group by doing this... which helps me to stay focused on my own PAD.

So here are a couple of tips on how to keep up with everyone... first of all, I've bookmarked these two links in my web browser, so that I can reach them with a single click :

This view of all new PAD entries... where I can spot the new images I haven't commented on yet.

This view of all blog comments... where I can read the feedback for each PAD entry, and drop back into the list if I want a reminder in context.

In addition, I subscribe to all PAD blogs, so that I get an e-mail notice as each new PAD entry is made... and can click the embedded link to take me straight there. I then delete the e-mail when I've made my comment.

So, looking back over the first 30 days of my project, I'm really pleased with my progress so far, but I want to set myself a goal for the next 30 days... to significantly improve my photography.

My plan will be to prepare more, to take more inspiration from my fellow PAD group members... to get out more with my family and friends to special events and days out - taking the camera to capture the special moments with those I love.

I want my photography to not only document the beautiful scenery around me, and the everyday events that occur - but to get 'deeper' into what I love about my life... some of that I guess will be too personal to share in my public PAD, but this project has at least made me realise the importance of capturing the highlights for myself and my family on a daily basis.

Probably the most important thing I've gained in the first 30 days is the confidence that I can continue... it does feel like the habit is forming to produce a shot worth sharing every day.

I am very happy about that, it feels like a very special gift. :smile:

So thank you to my fellow PAD adventurers - you are my inspiration, my strength and my courage... and I can't wait to read each of your entries here as you pass the 30 day mark! :2thumbs:

Kind Regards



Mu-43 Veteran
Jan 18, 2010
Havertown, PA
I began my PAD on January 1, so I'm well beyond the 30 day milestone. Today marks day 75. I never thought I would make it this far. Now, I can't stop.

I decided to do the PAD on a whim. It was coincidental that it began on January 1. I saw online that a couple of photographers I follow were beginning or renewing their PADs on that date, so I decided to join in. When I began I was using my Canon dSLR and quickly realized that it would be difficult for me to maintain this project with such a big, heavy camera. I needed something that I could carry around with me wherever I go. But I was spoiled by the dSLR's image quality and didn't want to sacrifice IQ for size. After some exhaustive online research I decided on micro four thirds and I have been cheerfully snapping away everyday since.

Before I began my PAD my photography had been limited to occasional professional gigs (weddings, portraits) and occasional photowalks with friends. Maybe once or twice a month we would venture to a state park or a small town or some other interesting photo opportunity. But the PAD has challenged me to be a photographer every day. And just as my skills as a musician progress from daily practice, I like to believe that I am becoming a better photographer from shooting every day. I like that from the moment I wake until I go to bed, I am constantly looking at the world photographically. I am trying to see beauty in places that I would have never considered looking for it before. I love the PAD because I feel like it's making me a better person. Wow. How's that for an over-the-top statement?

But the other part of my PAD project that I enjoy is the support and friendship of my fellow PAD participants here at mu43. I don't know if I would have the same commitment to the project if not for the encouragement that I receive here. I enjoy seeing my PAD comrades' images everyday and draw inspiration from them. I feel that the different visions represented in our PAD group educate me on how to see the world differently.

So thanks to my fellow PADers and to Brian especially for organizing and maintaining our PAD group. I hope that this is something we continue here for years to come.


Mu-43 Rookie
Jan 24, 2010
Houston, Texas, USA
Congratulations to all of you who are sticking with this! I'm especially interested in how what you choose to shoot changes as time marches on -- I found it hard to find new ways to photograph the same subjects when I was taking pictures on close to a daily schedule.


Mu-43 Top Veteran
Jan 28, 2010
Redding, CT USA
Yesterday I hit the 30 day milestone. My initial intent was to develop a better 'eye' for seeing powerful images and to overcome my own ICE (Internal Critic Extraordinaire). These remain strong incentives. However, they have become more ideals than goals, that is, I no longer believe that either will be fully achieved. It is a humbling realization.

This brings me to the power of community. It's very hard to move steadily toward goals, much less ideals, alone. A supportive community is a huge benefit. In our diversity we each have a point of view, individual interests, even define our ideals differently. Yet what we produce - our initial intent, how we created the final image and the surprises along the way - potentially provides new inspiration to everyone in the community. What we give is multiplied and comes back many times over.

To receive so much is illuminating, inspiring and motivating. I learn something new practically every day. The pictures I see posted often inspire me to try something different. The progress I see in others is both inspiring and motivating - I don't want to fall behind, dammit!

All this could not happen in a sterile, academic context. In only 30 days I can count as friends people all over the world. I've seen life through their eyes and shared my vision with them - and there's nothing static about it, always evolving.

The PAD 'Blogsphere' has made a huge difference to me. What about you? What's holding you back? :2thumbs:


Mu-43 Regular
Jan 14, 2010
Los Angeles, CA
Me's been 30 time flies. My experience within this group of PADers is, first and foremost..that I have found a group of committed, gifted and talented individuals, each with a unique vision of the world shown in graphic detail each and everyday. And through our sharing of our images, we share ourselves. Photography is an intimate endeavor, it exposes us to what we see and what we see is what makes us feel our images become a part of who we are as individuals. You can not possibly separate the two.

I have become better..more familiar..more confident with myself and my camera since starting. I have so much more to learn and experience to gain, but the fear of "not knowing" has passed, replaced with I don't know but I am getting it and I'm trying.

There is not a place on earth I'd rather be learning to be a better photographer than here and with this group. This group of individuals from all over the world, each with their own unique perspective, level of experience, and their willingness to share their knowledge and themselves. Each day is an opportunity to see in a new try something inspired by a fellow Pader, to take heed of something said and try again, or to see fresh something overlooked or never even noticed.

I am where I want to be and plan to stay. I am among friends learning something new each and everyday and glad of it!

Join matter what your level or your are and will be among friends.


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Feb 11, 2010
Brighton, UK
Day 30 and beyond…

Finding this forum, and shortly after the picture a day and weekly image quests has had the biggest impact on my photography since buying my GF1. Before joining I was trying to be a better photographer, but was in fits and starts, without any real direction or goal. I followed Brian’s blog for a couple of days and that was all I needed for inspiration to join up. Having already been involved with the Image Quests I could see the tremendous benefits of getting actively involved with the forum. This growing community is a limitless well of encouragement, constructive criticism, humour, inspiration and learning. As many have said who have reached this point, the more you put in, the more you get out…

The image quests have given a new level of focus to my PAD, providing a weekly subject matter when looking for a shot. When time permits I try to get 2-3 photos for the image quest as PAD entries. Looking back through the last 30 days I can see how the purposeful layering of the quests has improved my photography week on week. This combined with the devoted PAD community creates an environment far more creative and productive than any photography course could offer that I’ve seen.

For the PAD in general, capturing a moment in your life every day and comparing and contrasting it to others around the world has been extremely rewarding in its own right. We have a group of creative, talented and committed individuals who are able to bring new perspectives and new ideas on a daily basis into each other’s lives.

If you want to seriously improve your photography, join the PAD and join the Image Quests and you won't look back, pure and simple :jedi:

I'll be looking forward to seeing the 30th day posts from others on here soon :)


Super Moderator Emeritus
Jan 13, 2010
Near "Playland" outside of NYC, NY, USA
Thirty Days and counting...

Day 30 and here I am to testify.

I commend Brian Mosely for starting this Photograph A Day blog idea here in It had been something I'd thought about doing on Flickr pre mu43 camera, but never did.

Although there have been days when I've had to search for a photograph to post...the very fact that I've made the commitment has been a tremendous plus for me. The PAD blogs are very personal yet communal....and they're also a view into people's lives or at least the part of them they choose to open to each other.

Sometimes we may not feel inspired, sometimes our pals photos may not inspire us but we're all in there doing our thing...each of us has our own reasons and our own trajectory. For me it has been a multilayered experience. There's the doing of it which is pretty important, there's the camaraderie which is fun and can be very inspirational, there's the feedback and what it engenders within, be it thoughtfulness, disagreement or a new way of looking at what's before us.

All things considered, I'd rate the PAD and The Quest as two my favorite highlights of this place. The others are the incredible helpfulness of everyone here.... I haven't been active in "serious" photography in many, many years... Here's to Amin's advertisement on The Online Photographer for bringing me here and for the P.A.D. and all the interesting folks who continue to become involved here.

Now - if you are considering the PAD...don't wait around. It won't always be stupendous but it will be rewarding and often quite fun. Thirty days and 335 to go!:drinks::biggrin:


Mu-43 All-Pro
Jan 19, 2010
SW France
Review of my 30th

none of my usual extended verbal stuff

The most important thing for me has been getting to know the people behind the images - albeit in this "internet way" - life has become richer and more interesting because of this

Thanks to all of you


Mu-43 Regular
Feb 26, 2010
Phoenix, Az
Pete's PAD review....Life at 30

Day 30 reveiw:

I must say when I first started this little venture that I really felt it would be alittle time consuming and difficult to do. And, it's not that Im a loner, but I prefer to go about life at my own pace, not being bothered by strangers, doing what I think I need to do. At my age, I don't take direction well....from anyone, (Even you Bill :wink:)

So here I am a month later, alittle different, alittle more dedicated, alittle better.

I have been a shooter my whole life and feel I got a fix on things when it comes to photography....."Hey, you don't like my photo, click on buddy and look at something else". But this PAD thing to me, is not about the photo, although it is important. It's not about color, position, tones whatever, its about us here together for a common goal. To meet, discuss and enjoy ourselves, even learn.

This is my very first forum ever and I'm so happy I picked this one. Amin and Brian have done good here, with a great group of people from all walks of life, who are willing to spend a few minutes each day for the good of the group.

My favorite section of course is the PAD group. My least favorite....I'll get back to you on that.

So, thanks for listening or reading, my coffee is about gone and "Dances with the Stars" is about to start :redface:

As for the photo below, I expose myself totally with my better half because I feel comfortable enough to do that here. She hates this picture. Another reason to do it :rofl:

Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)


Mu-43 Regular
Feb 24, 2010
Reached my 30th Day in PAD and here are a few thoughts...

I was really reluctant to join PAD at first because I work in the day and come home at night. The problem is I'm not really a night shooter. My hands tremble, E-P1 does not have a flash are some of the reason why I don't shoot at night. But I really liked the E-P1 as a camera that every time I came home at night, I'd grab it and take a few photos outside the house. That's when I realize that I was churning out decent photos (in my opinion) everyday. That's what made me decide to do PAD. It didn't end there though.

PAD gave me a time to experiment on new things, most especially post processing digital photos. It wasn't new for me to process photos but this is the first time that I began to do it everyday. Since I'm doing it everyday, I get to churn out more guinea pig photos and see how people react at them. With all those, I learn more and learn faster since I'm getting feedback everyday.

PAD is also a good challenge.The urge to seize the moments and react faster to get that photo you will show up later in your blog helps in improving your reaction and consciousness to the environment. In the end you'll notice that you "see" more than before.

What they say about PAD that it's a learning and improving experience is true. Yes it's true that not all PAD's are great photos but that's one part of learning photography: taking crap photos, showing them to the world, getting feedback and improving on them. That's important.

Oh and let's not forget that PAD is a good time capsule.


Mu-43 Regular
Feb 15, 2010

I reached 30 post .The truth is ,I always thought I'd left it before,since normally my life is very stressful and there are days that I lie in night absolutly shattered and don´t have time for absolutly nothing.I never raised a picture a day because for me this adds a new stress factor, but I wanted to participate somehow, because what I saw in the forum was a very cordial relationship between partners, and the posibility of know new people, new techniques, learn and take a little breath everyday, doing something different to my job. Thus I have been posting pictures every day I can, and I could have given me the opportunity to meet new people.
Joining this forum, the blog, the weekly contest, is one of the best things I have ever done. The "new people" have become in friends, everyone with his life, worries thoughts....reflecting this in his pictures.
I´m improving, learning and enjoying, but the most important thing I have received from this place, despite the coldness of cyberspace, is the heat of new friends ; and that in these times is priceless.
Thanks to all nice friend, that make posible this place. My best whishes for all of you.:2thumbs:


Mu-43 Top Veteran
Mar 18, 2010
New York Metro Area
Real Name
30 Day P.A.D review

5 Flower Close-Ups
9 Landscapes
5 Plant Close-ups (w/o flowers)
Still life, street , dog portrait and interior make up remaining 11

It has now been 30 days. I have enjoyed taking photos for the P.A.D. it does take some work and effort thinking about what to photograph, getting there, taking the photographs, editing down the shots, processing, uploading and posting the image, plus viewing and commenting on other P.A.D.ers. I’d say I’ve spent a minimum of 1 hour to over 3 hours a day working on the P.A.D.

I am quite happy with many of my images and would not have shot most of them if not for the P.A.D. project. I have been serious about photography for over 36 years, my interest has it’s peaks and valleys but the process of taking a photo a day has been very interesting and has renewed my photographic interests.

I enjoy looking at other participant photographs in the P.A.D. but often find it difficult to have something positive to say about every one. Not to feel that one always has to post something positive but I feel if one is going to criticize to begin on a high note. Perhaps that part is the most daunting as I do enjoy looking I often feel pressured to comment otherwise I wouldn’t be properly participating.

Before beginning the P.A.D. I feared I would feel it a chore to take photos with such regularity however on most days it is a positive challenge though it is hard to always it a homerun sometimes you get lucky.

Will I keep it up? I would like to but work and life sometimes get in the way. I would like to try for 3-4 photo sessions a week which may be more manageable and with that I could still post a photo a day.

Overall it has been a good experience.


Mu-43 Regular
Mar 27, 2010
I made it.

Thirty days. Thirty flippin' days
Thirty days of highs and lows.
Incredible highs like Day 25 when I was only messing about yet folks loved it.
Incredible lows like Day 29 when I was left with a choice of cheat myself and submit a picture from a previous day or be true to myself and the project and submit a photo from the day no matter how dull it was.
95% of the time I'm happy with what I've done with the month. Time constraints are an issue (after writing this I have to go and run 8 or so miles) so I shouldn't be too hard on myself.
What has this month taught me?
Not so much as taught me as reminded me. Many times in the past at interviews and such like I've been told by other artists, designers and photographers that I have an eye for a picture.
I don't have to think much in many cases its instant. The "splash of colour" from day 28 was instant. Instantly as I ran by I knew the picture was there. Finding exactly what I wanted there was tougher. But I found it, and you liked what I found.
To be honest I had forgotten how easy it comes to me. It needs a little fine tuning every now and again but I think I've still got it.
I don't mean to sound conceited. But on a good day I have a bullish amount of confidence in my abilities, yet on a bad day (like yesterday) I have zero. Day 30 has fallen on one of my better days. :smile:
Thirty days. Made easier by having such a great camera to carry around that doesn't weigh a ton. But more importantly Thirty days made easier by the support and fellowship of you all.

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