P20 backlash on manual focus?

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  1. I've just received my Panasonic f/1.7 20mm lens. Auto-focus is quite good, faster than I expected from all I've read here and elsewhere. But, when I try manual focus, there's a lot of backlash. In other words, after I've gone through the focus point, I have to turn the ring back quite a way before I hit focus again. This makes manual focus a bit of a pain. I'm wondering if 'they are all like that', or if my lens is faulty?

    My other lenses (14-42 kit and 40-150) do have a small amount of backlash as well, but nothing like what I'm seeing on the P20.

    Of course my legacy f/1.8 50mm Zuiko has zero backlash ....
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    What camera body do you have?

    I tried mine out on MF (I have and E-M5), and found my focus ring did not do that.

    However, once you hit the farthest extremes of both ends of focus, because it's focus by wire- the ring keeps going, could that be what's happening? (although probably not, as what you're describing is the opposite problem)
  3. Good question about the camera body; it's an E-PL2.

    But I think I now understand what's happening. The focus ring is rotation speed sensitive; that is, turning the manual focus ring quickly makes fast initial changes, but then turning it slowly allows fine adjustments.

    When I back-track after having passed through optimum focus, I'm turning the ring more slowly, and so I need to rotate it further than I would expect. I don't really like this feature, but at least it means there's nothing wrong with my new lens.