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Discussion in 'Image Processing' started by WithOpenedEyes, Jun 12, 2015.

  1. Does Olympus have a place to submit ideas for improvement on OV3...or maybe for OV4? Little thing, but annoying, is to have the option to always save output to the source folder. I hate having to check and make sure that it ends up where I expect it and I've looked and don't see that as a save option.
  2. Brian Beezley

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    Here's where I report suggestions and bugs:

    [email protected]

    This is U.S. technical support. They forward stuff to the software developers in Japan. I have had both good and poor response to bug reports.

  3. Ross the fiddler

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    That can be annoying, but so long as you have actually selected the folder (if that is how you are saving the photos) to view the images before you edit them (not just after you uploaded them), then it will save to that folder by default.
  4. LOL...The things we put up with to use these great cameras...because I've resigned myself to the fact that no one else can handle the RAW files the same way. The stuff just works.
  5. Ross the fiddler

    Ross the fiddler Mu-43 Hall of Famer

    I'll use OV3 for most of the time but for better results when I want it I'll use Capture One (Pro 8) because I can get more detail & greater highlight recovery, plus its healing tool is very useful. It also has layers that I haven't utilised yet, but I still come back to OV3 to resize the final image (& adding sharpening) for web display.
  6. The way OV3 works on noise, to my eyes, is pretty effective. I'm going to try just using it for noise and maybe some sharpening..and then take it over to PaintShop for fixing exposure/tonality and final tweaking. I had been using PhotoNinja for RAW, and I had good luck working on older Canon files, but I could never quite get Oly files just right. After realizing what I was missing...thank you Robin Wong... I decided something needed to change. I tried OV3 at first and really didn't like it, but with shots done at ISO 800 or higher, I couldn't find a better solution. I could get ISO 200 and 400 files to look good using PN and PSP, but who wants to restrict themselves to daylight shooting?
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    I would like the next Olympus Viewer to process changes in RAW files faster, and retouching capability like in LR6. They could sell the retouching capability as a purchased add-in module. I'd pay $50-100 for it if the RAW processing was faster too.
  8. For those of you who do initial processing in OV3 and then complete it elsewhere, what format do you export in or does OV3 save the raw file? When I played with it yesterday I couldn't seem to be able to save or retain the changes made to the RAW file.

  9. Brian Beezley

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    As long as you don't move the ORF to another directory, OV3 will retain a record of all changes you made. Even if you don't save any output, the next time you load the file the image will appear as when you last altered it. There's really no reason to save a permanent file with the changes.

    I output 16-bit TIFF files. I always delete them after I'm done processing with whatever program reads them. There's no reason to save them since you can regenerate them whenever you like from the ORF.

  10. Thanks. I probably should have been clearer in my question but thanks for the tiff suggestion. If I make adjustments to the ORF file in OV3 and then import that same file into Lightroom will it pick the changes already made? I guess I should try this :)

  11. Brian Beezley

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    You must feed LR a TIFF. OV3 does not modify the ORF.

  12. Thanks. Just worked that out.

  13. I've also been exporting to 16 bit tiff. I've found that I get a better end result by doing this rather than rendering directly to jpeg and then doing final tweaking. Make all your adjustments in tiff. I do save them also, so I don't have to go back to the RAW. These are pretty large files, but with storage as it is...
  14. tyrphoto

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    May 25, 2014
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    I don't use OV3 only because it's an extra step in the workflow that I don't want (i.e. I'm a lazy [email protected]@rd when it comes to post processing). :biggrin:

    However, I do make adjustments to my RAW files and export as 16bit TIFF with a ProPhoto RGB color profile when working with my plugins.
  15. Has anyone found a more effective and better way to remove noise in their highish ISO shots...from ISO800 and up?
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