OTG-adaptor and RAW on vacation

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    Apr 30, 2013
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    I am on vacation for one week and tried this OTG-adaptor on my tablet, worked. So then it's possible to connect various USB-things. Set the camera in MTP-transfer mode so should it work.

    Also, to RAW convert your photos in your Android I used this "PhotoMate" app. Like a simpler Lightroom actually. Really great I thought.

    Electronics wonders. 10 years ago, would someone have imagined things like this :)

    Tried connect a keyboard to test:

    Now tried with the camera, if I had an USB-hub it would have been possible to connect multiple units:

    Photomate fixing the elk:

    Tried my new macro lens:

    The Elk. I was really frustrated because the ISO was at 250 and all shots got bad, this one could work:

    /edit: I noticed you needed raw plugin to get it really good, tried again with a fly here:


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