Showcase Opticam 35mm 2.8 lens (m42 mount)

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    16548925475_b6a8921c8b_b.jpg Through My Back Window by dbuckle2695, on Flickr

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    15915625564_e654645546_b.jpg Opticam 35 by dbuckle2695, on Flickr

    I got this made in Japan lens in a bag of Oly camera gear which is strange as it isn't an Oly mount lens. It was in the original box in like new condition. As I paid $15 Cnd for the whole lot at the Thrift Store I guess the lens was really a free gift. I can't find much info on it so maybe it was a store brand. It has two Fstop rings, one with numbers and click stops, a second one with no numbers or clicks. I wasn't expecting much but it's not bad.
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    Is it a pre-set lens then? With one ring to set the desired aperture and the other so you can open right up to focus and then quickly stop down to the aperture you've pre-set to shoot?
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    Yes that could be how it works.
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