Ooh! New Kickstarter campaign for Cine lenses specifically designed for micro 4/3 mount!!

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    There's a Kickstarter for cinema lenses built specifically for the micro 4/3 mount. Some very respectable names on the video talking about the lenses, too!

    Veydra - M4/3 Cinema Lenses for GH4 and BMPCC


    What is Veydra?

    Veydra is a premium cinema lens made specifically for filmmakers using Micro 4/3 cameras.

    Veydra Mini Prime lenses all feature

    + Resolution that exceeds 4K
    + Cinema 0.8 module focus and iris gears
    + Consistent front 80mm outside diameter & 77mm filter threading
    + Similar length for quick lens changes
    + Constant T2.2 aperture for easy lighting set ups
    + Brass plated mounts for durability.
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