One lens, sharp and undistorted, edge to edge

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    Mar 28, 2012
    You can kind of approach this, a lens sharp across the field with no extra edge of field aberrations at all, but you can't quite reach it. It's pretty easy with a long, high-performance telephoto, but how about lenses in the 24-60mm focal range? Even stopped down, I've yet to see one that was perfect.
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    It all depends what kind of tradeoffs you're willing to make. - Lens Genealogy Part 1 - Lens Genealogy – Part 2

    How perfect is perfect? Do you mean zero observable vignetting, chromatic aberrations, distortion, and perfect edge-to-edge sharpness? How fast, or not-fast, are you willing for the lens to be? How large and expensive are you willing for the lens to be? One man's perfect is another man's not-worth-using-the-money-as-toiletpaper. The Voigtlander 25mm is about as edge-to-edge impressive as it gets by the time that you're at f/4-5.6. They could have made it perfectly edge-to-edge sharp by f/2.0, but the depth of field is thin enough still that it wouldn't be useful. Plus, I don't know of anyone that was willing to see a 10% performance increase in exchange for it costing over $10,000 and being the size of a can of soda. Life's all about tradeoffs; choose the ones that best work for you.
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