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Discussion in 'Accessories' started by robbie36, Aug 27, 2013.

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    Ok a quick bag review - apologies for those who think bag reviews are naff but I really like this one and the brand hasnt really got much exposure.

    First of all, this is an expensive bag - US$269 - so it certainly isnt going to appeal to a lot of people. This is a bag for people who like the Billinghams or the Retrospective bags and kid themselves that buying top quality bags gets rid of their bag GAS!

    To be fair the only bag I currently use is a Billingham Hadley Small - I like it so much that I actually have two. It is very small but fits an ipad, my OMD and up to 4 lenses.

    So the Billingham is perfect for photo shoots from my home. Take the camera, ipad, selected lenses, batteries and off. What I was looking for was more a travel bag - that could include a lens or two more, my flash, laptop possibly but also was not too big to be my camera bag when I went out shooting on my travels. I also considered the Retrospective 7 and the Hadley Pro it is a little bigger than both.

    So to the review....

    First, the size. Here I have it next to the Billingham Small. It almost looks bigger here than it actually is. I was slightly worried it might be a bit on the large size to carry around all day but not so. It actually isnt any deeper than the Billingham which has one disadvantage - while the bag will stand up when placed on the ground it wont stand up so solidly as the Billingham.

    Next quality. Here it really is top quality. The leather trim is very decent but not quite up to Billingham but then whose is? The closely woven waxed cotton is really nice, feeling much higher quality than either the Billingham or the rougher cotton canvas of a Retrospective.

    In terms of looks it scores very highly in the 'this might not be a camera bag' stakes. I liked it compared to the Billingham Hadley Pro that is a larger, louder version of the small.

    The close up photo gives about the best I can do on the material. Note the brass quick release for the straps. The bag looks a bit on the new side but nothing that a year of use wont solve.

    Looking from above notice the handle as well as the external ipad sized slot on the back (not padded).

    Looking inside you can see a slot that fits my 13" laptop (with not much wiggle room). This is more room than the Retrospective 7. You could however remove that slot and give yourself more room in the bag. The dividers only cover the bottom half of the bag - I rather wish I had added a couple more dividers to my purchase.

    There are two side pockets and two front pockets - large. To be honest these are a little disappointing because they are pretty tight. Great for an iphone or something thin but not great for much else. For instance you can fit a batteries into those front pockets but I suspect it is a little fiddly to get them out.

    Finally weight wise this is fine at 2.8 pounds (according to Amazon). This is about the same weight as the Retrospective 7 (Amazon gets it wrong) and a little lighter than the Hadley Pro. I would avoid the leather version of this bag - Amazon claims it weighs 5.6 pounds and all the reviews comment how 'heavy' it is.

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    Nice. Good to hear your thoughts re the quality of materials and workmanship, I have it's smaller sibling the 'Bowery' en route....wanted something for those minimal kit walks.
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