On the Streets of Guatemala

Discussion in 'Black and White' started by Robert Watcher, Mar 11, 2016.

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    I find it interesting sometimes when I look at the sequence of images that I shoot. Many times I am unaware of how I see and anticipate - especially when it comes to people and action - the process just happens naturally I guess.

    Until I looked at the strip of images in Lightroom, leading up to the final image that I have posted above - - - I wasn't aware of how long I had been tracking the Mayan women and probably watching them out of the corner of my eye, before they ended up in the perfect location.

    When I saw the women in the far background as I was sitting on a step at the park, shooting kids feeding and playing with the pigeons - I could not have known where they were heading or that they would walk through the second scene across the street from me, where I was turning to photograph people walking along the wall with interesting architecture and then back to the kids playing.

    So in the first shot of the contact sheet, the women are quite a ways away coming in my direction, then in the distance they head down the stairs. For these 2 shots I had turned away from including the children with the pigeons, I guess to see what would develop.

    I turn my camera 90 degrees back to the left to take some more shots of people walking along the wall. Noticing out the side of my eye - the women are a little closer to me and in a clearing crossing the street. So I zoomed in to the full 84mm equivalent reach of my zoom lens to grab that shot.

    Then as I go back to take shots of different people walking along the wall, the women happen to walk into the scene. This content of them all in a perfect line one behind the other, was far more appealing to me that the other people I had been including in the frames - and so I took several shots with them in different places so that i could decide in post processing, which positioning I liked best.

    I glanced at the series of shots on my cameras LCD screen and saw the woman and boy on the right side of the last image, and decided to grab a frame of the wall with nobody along it - just in case I wanted to mask out someone or something. And that is exactly what I decided to do by opening the last 2 frames as layers in Photoshop and aligning them and masked out the people on the right side for the final image (I don't use a tripod but even so the 2 frames were positioned not too differently and fortunately I hadn't changed my zoom focal length - which I was worried about when I pointed my camera back at the blank wall)


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