OMD EM5 Mark II mirrored LCD display issue


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Nov 1, 2012
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Yesterday I went out for a photoshot and for my dismay I've noticed that when I flip out the EM5 MK II LCD screen the image was showing upside down and mirrored.
The first think that I though was that I must have messed with the menu and turned ON the Selfie Assist option.
In fact I had the Selfie Assist option turned ON.
I've switched it to OFF and thought to myself: that's it. This must have solve it.
But I was mistaken... The issue is still there.
I switched off and on the camera and tried again. Same thing. The image is showing fine when the LCD is placed parallel to the camera in the rest position, facing back.
But as soon as I flip it to the side in landscape position (facing up), or in the "L" position (with the camera in portrait position and LCD facing up), the image gets upside down and mirrored.
After I get the photo session done, at home I've decided to do a complete Reset, just in case I was missing some other adjustment.
I've lost all my configurations but the issue is still there...
I'm desperate because I use the LCD a lot. And I have another work to do next weekend.
I use a lot the LCD to get lower angles and such. I rarely use the viewfinder.

Does anyone else got this issue with the OMD EM5 MK II ?

Any ideas?


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Mar 2, 2013
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The default is usually Selfie assist on, as all it does is mirror the picture when the screen is alongside the camera facing forward. Flip is different. The screen has to flip if it is stored facing out and then moved to the side position. I think the flip sensor has to be in the screen reading a magnet in the hinge. Not sure where the selfie mirror sensor is.
For me, with Selfie assist on, and the screen facing out but stowed, the screen will first mirror when moved past the 90 degree point, and then flip as it is brought horizontal.
Sounds as though your sensor or the cabling sending the signal to the camera has failed.
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