OMD EM-1 Time Lapse newbie issues


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May 27, 2014
Hi all,

Not sure what I'm doing wrong but I tried two attempts at using the time lapse feature on my EM-1 this weekend to try and capture a meteor shower and ended up with a dead battery and only 50 to 75 frames shot.

Here's the set up:

12-40 f2.8 lens set to MF and infinity
As much turned off as possible (I.S., Noise filter, noise reduction, etc.)
ISO 3200
Exposure 20"
Interval 1"

I originally was going to use an intervalometer but the battery was dead on that so I was forced to use the camera's built in time lapse feature. Never using this before I wasn't sure how to set it up.

The peak of the meteor show started at 02:00am so I set the camera up at twilight with the start timer to begin shooting at midnight. I only had a 16 gb card so there were only about 850 available frames in raw format. Set the number of frames to just below that and the interval to 1 second which is the shortest allowable time.

I did a couple of test shots to see if everything was working and it seemed OK (took the shot, processed the image, waited the 1 second interval and took the next shot). I notice that the time to process the image was longer than the interval time so not sure how that would figure into using an intervalometer.

I only had 75 frames when I got up in the morning to review what had taken. The camera should have shot for almost 5 hours with the interval, exposure time and number of frames but 75 frames only works out to around 27 minutes of shooting.

I thought that maybe the delayed start timer had run the batter down on the first night and tried again the second night without using the delayed start timer and ended up with even less frames shot (55).

This time I was watching the camera and it looks as if the LCD screen was on (not showing the image but showing the settings). My instinct tells me that this was my issue but I could not find anywhere in the settings to turn off the LCD.

If someone could verify or possibly help me out with the settings I would appreciate it. I would prefer to use the Intervalometer and Bulb setting as the time lapse feature of the camera only allows 999 frames.


barry13 Editor
Mar 7, 2014
Southern California
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The LCD can be turned off if you hold down the button to the left of the viewfinder.

The fact that you're turning the camera on at dusk and waiting until 12am to start shooting is wasting a lot of battery.
You could try enabling the auto-sleep feature, but I don't know if the timer would wake it up or not.

I've also read that you can use a cable release and tape it 'shut' and the camera should continuously take pictures if you put the camera in slow 'drive' mode.



Mu-43 Regular
Nov 28, 2013
The 20 sec exposure might have something to do with it
Might use a lot more power than a brief exposure time

Worth testing
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