Omd aspect ratio with fuji x100

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by Omni, Aug 12, 2012.

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    Jul 21, 2012
    Strange request I suppose but now that I'm shooting with 2 cameras I would love to keep the size of the photos the same - 4x3 or 3x2. I'm not really partial to either one but I feel like I've read somewhere tha the omd sensor does weird stuff with different ratios.

    So my question is with these 2 cameras is there a common ratio I could be shooting with?

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    If you mean pixel dimensions, you should recall that the E-M5 is 16 MP, whereas the X100 is 12 MP. So, the E-M5 will have more pixels.

    As for aspect ratios, of course that's tied to the sensor.

    If you change your ratio on the E-M5 in RAW, it'll auto-crop when you import it to your photo processing software. If it's JPEG, it auto crops.

    The E-M5 is native 4:3, so your photos will naturally come out 4:3. If you want 3:2, just select 3:2 in the Super Control Panel. Your EVF and LCD view will now show a pre-cropped view.

    So yes, you can shoot whatever ratio you want on either camera.
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    Apr 17, 2012
    The OM-D sensor (or any other :43: sensor for that matter) doesn't do anything weird at all. As drewbot explained, all :43: sensors crop the image to provide for other aspect ratios, besides the native 4/3.

    The one exception is the GH2 sensor, which is multi-aspect. In fact, I consider perhaps the main advantage of the GH2 for still photography, since it allows you to keep a higher number of pixels regardless of aspect ratio. An explanation of what this means, and how it works, can be found in the graphic below:


    (I don't know where it originated, so I apologise that I cannot provide a direct link to the original article on this... :redface:)
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