OM-D w/ Four-Thirds 14-54mkII: Ricketts Glen State Park

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    Ricketts Glen State Park in Pennsylvania, great place for hiking. There is about ~20 waterfalls on a 7.5 mile trail. I wasn't very prepared, but if you come here make sure you've got water, some trailmix bars, and a great pair of hiking shoes because this place with challenge you for sure.

    I didn't have a tripod so I just hand held...JK! (not even 5-axis system would help) ,but I just used my Domke F3x bag as camera support.

    OOC Jpeg, very light PP (for compositional effect)

    14mm f/22 25s iso200 B&W 10x ND filter

    23mm f/9 1/100s iso200

    14mm f/22 50s iso200 B&W 10x ND filter

    Dynamic range of the OM-D is incredible, far surpassed and exceeded my expectations. It was a very bright and sunny day combined with the foliage and dark shadows this place would give any camera a serious workout.

    The four thirds 14-54mkII works great on this camera. The autofocus is not blazing fast, but its not slow either. I would say on the level of my Ricoh GXR. This lens is super sharp and lives up to its High Grade marking. Its a bit on the heavy side, but combined with the grip should make an awesome weatherproof alternative to the kit lens.

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