OM-D HLD-6 Battery grip tripod mount problem with Capture Holster System

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by jayjayn, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. jayjayn

    jayjayn Mu-43 Rookie

    May 9, 2013
    I noticed an issue with my HLD-6 while using the Capture Holster System and it appears that the tripod screw mount isn't as secure as I thought it would of been. Anyone know a Fix for this or if it's covered under warranty? Because of this bulge the actual battery grip won't seat fully onto the rest of the grip and now there is a gap that between both parts of the grip.

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  2. Savas K

    Savas K Mu-43 Top Veteran

    Jan 10, 2013
    My guess? Uncovered. A fix? Buy a new grip. I don't think Olympus warrants the product to be affixed to the bottom with a sling-type of system. Whether it's the camera body or it's accessory grip.
  3. meyerweb

    meyerweb Mu-43 Hall of Famer Subscribing Member

    Sep 5, 2011
    Disappointing. It appears the tripod screw on the grip is simply mounted in plastic. A letdown from the superior build quality of the body itself.
  4. dennisb

    dennisb Mu-43 Regular

    Jan 23, 2012
    Exactly the same thing happened to my E-M5, not the holder. It was from normal tripod use where it seems I mounted the plate harder then needed. I haven't called Olympus yet thou.
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