OM-D E-M10+14-42EZ at 42mm , bug or defect ?


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Hello, excuse me for my bad English.
I have a new (6 days) ΕΜ10 and I have a question : the ΕΖ14-42 until 30mm is ok in all iso , from 32mm to the 42mm image shows the preview camera screen and olympus viewer 3 of halo ether .
This is from iso 2000-6400, until the 1600 is okay, and so in 8000 and over.
This only happens when photographing in raw . In jpg or raw+lf all right .
The lens up to pen-epl5 is okay at all iso and all mm .
Τhe same and the 12-50 up to EM10 all is ok .
You can try it on your own cameras please and tell me if the same happens ;
Please open the files with olympus viewer 3 to see how they look on the screen of the camera.

30mm iso 6400

42mm iso 6400

42mm iso 800


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I looked at the second image, the one at 42mm ISO 6400.

First I opened it in ACR, and there is nothing at all wrong with it. So your camera is definitely taking good photos.

Next I opened it in Olympus Viewer 3, and I saw a problem. There was a bad halo on the right side, and the whole image looked poor quality, a bit like camera shake. I switched to 1:1 viewing mode and the halo was still there. Then I moved the image around a bit and the halo suddenly vanished, the image looked fine.

I tried closing the program and doing it again and exactly the same thing happened. Perhaps a bug in Olympus Viewer 3.

On your camera, try zooming in on the image and moving around. Perhaps the halo will vanish.


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Then I moved the image around a bit and the halo suddenly vanished, the image looked fine.
Υes indeed disappeared , thanks .

On your camera, try zooming in on the image and moving around. Perhaps the halo will vanish.
The camera does not clear unfortunately. So I can not know if the photo came out correctly.

You say have the same bug and software of the EM10 ?

Maybe you have EM10+14-42EZ and test it ?


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No, I have an E-M1 with the 12-40, and I take RAW+JPG, so I cannot test it.
But it is clear it is a software problem, both in Viewer and in the camera firmware.


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Can you send this in to Olympus Support? As it's not always reproducible, they might have missed it.


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I sent it ............................... and another user acquaintance of mine here in Greece , writes about the same problem:
''This morning I visit my camera store and try the same thing with a black demo E-M10 + 14-42 EZ, same think happened with RAW previews at 35mm from ISO 2000-6400 not lower not above that ISO, but not at 42mm.
With JPEG+RAW or only JPEG everythink is OK, also the files looks exactly like camera's LCD on Olympus Viewer.
I will report it to Olympus for firmware correction, my opinion is that it's a bug without a solution from users.
My friend with EM-10 told me in the phone that same thing happens with EΖ 14-42mm on his EM1 but not with his E-PL2 at 32-40mm.''

From the store I bought it I was told if I want replacement, but the other EM10 that have been there the same bug .
I did not accept to return I hoping Olympus to react quickly to new firmware .


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Returning to the topic of the machine as soon as I received from the service.
Over 100 photographs about the extra speedo confirm that someone actually addressed the problem .
Of course they did not find fault when it does not apply to replacement due to DOA that qualify for and what did I not like they asked me to send in the central service as will my return in about a month , no I have done nothing since proved to be software issue .
You tell me why I sent ?
I sent it because I was told that if you have to travel to the central service will give me another and I thought that the sooner it reaches the central service a machine with the problem , the sooner we will solve , since after epanilleimeni sending samples to them, answer I got was:

"Thank you for another samples. I can see the difference between the pictures but I cannot see any technical problem in the camera. The pictures might be blurred e.g. because of the camera shake. Please contact directly the dealer where you have purchased the camera from."

Did not understand at all the problem of the photos then.

Pending update then in the future .


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The problem from what I understand is the embedded JPEG file in RAW which is resolution 3200Χ2400 and compression Basic or Fine or Normal ( MB MF MN).
I discovered as i saw that adjusting to MN JPEG and halo is there . RAW+MN again . Change pixel numper in MN settings to 2560X1920 and MN JPEG and RAW+MN is very fine on preview .

The same is good or change only the compression to Super Fine and resolusion 3200X2400 (MSF).

But only RAW , halo again is there .

I believe if the Olympus changed this it the embedded JPEG file on RAW from resolution 3200Χ2400 and Basic or Normal or Fine compression (I do not know what they have selected) , to 3200X2400 Super Fine compression , or 2560X1920 then you solve the problem.