OM 135mm 3.5 - slipping lens hood

Discussion in 'Adapted Lenses' started by MarkyG, Mar 9, 2011.

  1. MarkyG

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    I have just picked up an OM 135mm 3.5, for my E-PL1. Glass, barrel, and aperture blade wise; tip top...

    But, the built in lens hood is very loose.. It does not have a 'damped' feel, it wobbles on the barrel and will just stay full extended, just. Is there an easy way to make it smoother/tighter on the barrel?

    I was thinking that I could just put a rubber band behind it when extended, but that would be a tad naff...

    Any better ideas?

  2. Is it just a sliding hood or is it one where you can tighten it by twisting?
  3. MarkyG

    MarkyG New to Mu-43

    Sliding hood -, with a knurled rear edge - I have found an old pdf re an exploded view of the lens, and it looks like one can remove the hood by unscrewing the rear face...?

    Anyone achieved this before?

    Plan A - rubber band behind when extended.
    Plan B - remove hood extension as above, then put some thin black tape around barrel, acting as dampener for hood when extending...

    Plan C anyone?