OM-10 Histogram question

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by LDraper, Apr 25, 2015.

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    I recently purchased an OM-10 as a second body to an EP-5. I've been enjoying the camera but I'm puzzled by the behavior of the histogram. In every other m43 camera I've owned, when I activate the focus point (green rectangle) the histogram disappears until I toggle out of the "focus point mode." On the OM-10 when I touch the screen, the histogram disappears for a second or two, but then reappears - even though I still have the focus point activated. I find this bothersome because I like to clear the screen at that point to compose. Is there a menu setting that I'm missing that will make the Om-10 histogram act like the EP-5 histogram? Or is this the standard implementation in the OMD series?

    I apologize for the awkward description - I hope what I'm asking is clear enough. Any words of wisdom are welcome.
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    Checked an Em10 and Em5 mkii and they're both the same as your Em10; unless I too am missing something.
    I can only suggest once you have finished with the histogram that you press the info button to get to a screen without the histogram while you compose your shot.
    If you have all the options enabled in
    Menu/ cogs d/ info settings/ lv info/
    This would mean scrolling through 5 screens each time though which would be a bit annoying.