Olympus vs Fuji (and why I've sold the Fuji)

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If a platform for adapted 135 lenses is what you want, then a Sony A7 would be the obvious choice. The mark II versions with IBIS will really get they best out of them (at a price!)
yes I know, but Sony has left a bitter taste in my mouth with my previous experience with them and honestly the A7 is a bit like a refrigerator to handle with that angular body :eek:


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I think my takeaway from this exercise is that we now seem to have reached a point where on the image quality front, for "normal" images (i.e not pushing the envelop of DR, DOF or super high ISO), it's pretty much a wash between M4/3, APS-C and FF. I've had all three (and used APS-C and FF Nikon DSLR's for many years with great glass) and looking at images on my computer and printed off at A3, there really isn't a great deal between them.

Indeed, one thing that surprised me a few years ago when I purchased the original Nikon D800, was that when I zoomed in at 100% on the computer, I was astonished at the level of detail, however when I had two landscape shots printed (one from the D800 and one from my OMD EM1) at 20"x16", when I got them back from the printers, I couldn't really see much of a difference (if any) from the 36mp FF sensor of the D800 compared to the 16mp M4/3 sensor of the OMD EM1. Maybe if I printed really big I would of, but 20"x16" is normally the largest size I print (and quite often smaller).

The Fuji's are great camera's with superb image quality (I make no secret of that), but I got one because I had bought into the "retro is great" and Fuji X-Trans sensor images are a step above everything else hype. My experience was that they were great, but not really any better than I can get from my Nikon D500 (or OMD's for that matter), however I did find that processing RAW's though LR didn't show them at their best, but didn't want to spend another chunk of money on either Capture 1 or Irident Developer (and neither the time or the inclination to learn a new image processor). For me, with the Fuji, it seemed I just had to work harder for the image, which in itself is no bad thing, but it just wasn't as enjoyable an experience at my Olympus OMD's (or even my Panasonic GX8).

If I was a straight prime shooter and was doing weddings again and needed to control ultra thin DOF, then perhaps the Fuji X-T2 or X-Pro2 would be the way to go (as I understand the Fuji primes are excellent although I never got to try them), but then if I was still doing weddings, I'd probably still be shooting Nikon full frame with my D810/D750 combo and the 85mm F1.4, 50mm F1.4 and 35mm F1.4 lenses. No I'm a zoom guy and one of my frustrations with Fuji's lens line up was that most of their good (but not pro) zoom lenses started at 18mm (27mm equivalent), not 24mm like most of the M4/3 zooms, and the Fuji 16-55mm F2.8 (24-83mm equivalent), whilst no doubt of great optical quality looks huge on the small X series bodies. No, I much prefer the smaller packages of the Olympus zooms, and the 12-40 F2.8 is stellar as is my 12-100 F4 as a brilliant one lens walk about package.

I'm sure Fuji will go from strength to strength as like M4/3 a few years ago, it's a relatively new system that's still maturing, but it just wasn't for me, and proves one thing (well two really) - 1) I spend far too much money and consideration on the latest gear rather than shooting with what I have and b) the grass really isn't' always greener elsewhere !
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Heard the same thing from a wedding pro, Fuji raw files are a PITA to work with. Fi jpeg is your go-to, then disregard the comment and enjoy your camera.

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