Olympus quits low end compact camera business....

Discussion in 'Micro 4/3 News and Rumors' started by twokatmew, May 17, 2013.

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    Jun 1, 2012
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    Oct 31, 2012
    Not surprising. I think that end of the business is largely dead. Smartphones killed it. Most folks are opting for higher end cameras so there's more of a jump from their smartphones to their cameras...
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    May 26, 2012
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    The P&S camera market is indeed dead. I posted a thread earlier on SC about it. P&S production is down 50% year over year. That's a lot. But the smartphone isn't just killing the P&S camera. It's killing all cameras. Interchangable Lens Cameras, including both DSLRs and mirrorless, is down 25% year over year. That's a lot too. The only growth market is in FF.

    More proof that the smartphone is killing the camera market.

    Today somebody posted shots comparing their smartphone, Nokia 808, to a RX100. Nokia is not alone. It's a glimpse into the future. Sony's Honami superphone is due shortly with a 20MP "large" sensor camera. It's the phone to rule all phones. It involves all divisions in Sony, including the camera division. They developed a new JPEG processing algorithm for it and it will be shared on the NEX and Alpha cameras. Combine that camera with a CPU twice as fast as anything on the market right now and there's some interesting things that can be done.

    Here are the Nokia 808 vs RX100 shots. I wish I had gotten the 808 for $260 when I had the chance.

    RX100 vs Nokia 808. Samples....: Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
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    Low end p&s cameras are the past I think. Smartphones are too near in IQ for most users. And they are all-in-one: phone-internet-cameras.
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    That's the key, the instant upload to the web. Given that most photos (99%+, probably) have zero PP and are only viewed on a monitor the IQ is irrelevant.
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    Perhaps to many, but I'm sick of people sending me dark photos full of motion blur and color noise.... :frown:

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    That's true, except that 95+% of the time you never would have seen those pictures at all (or even slightly higher quality images from a P&S) before the cellphone/Facebook revolution.

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    May 4, 2011
    How long will it be before the XZ-2/LX7 "large sensor" gets put in smart phones :confused:
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    Nov 7, 2010
    I mentioned one earlier in the thread. The Sony Honami will have a 1/1.6" sensor. That's bigger than the LX7.
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    Speaking of cellphone cameras, I read that one of the Android co-founders says that Android was originally developed as a camera platform, which is interesting.

    I tried fiddling around with one of the Samsung Galaxy cameras the other day. Image quality seemed great from what I could tell, and it had physical zoom with seemingly decent optics. There was still shutter lag and annoying delays after shooting images though - although I guess that'll improve with firmware updates and newer models.

    Either they figure out how to get a good zoom lens that collapses into the smartphone body without making the phone too thick. Or stick with the way things are going and just get a fast fixed lens on a large sensor. That'll be the last nail in the coffin for "entry level" P&S's, imo.
  12. They're only eliminating their cheapest line (sub $200) of cameras, which I guess means that they aren't exactly confining themselves wholely to "high end" cameras.
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    rob collins
    You know the numbers quoted by Sonyalpha rumors are kind of funky. The sales numbers are only for the Japanese market and the production numbers only show the number of cameras produced in Japan while most Japanese cameras are made outside Japan.

    The actual CIPA numbers are here....

    CIPA:Digital Cameras

    They paint a rather different picture for 2012 sales that isnt anything like as dire as some commentaries. BTW these numbers make sense in the light of sales figures reported by Canon and Nikon (who are well over 60% of the market). Nikon reported sales revenue down 2% (cams are c.65% of sales) at US$5.8bn and Canon reported sales (cams are c.40%) up 7% at US$14bn.

    So here is the breakdown (in units) for 2012.
    Compacts 78m -21.9%
    ILCs 20.2m +28.4% (ILCs consist of DSLRs 16.2m + CSCs 4.0m)

    Total 98.1m -15.0%

    But more relevant total value 1468bn Yen +1.1%. What this reflects is that the area of growth - ILCs - has a much higher price point than compacts which are collapsing.

    BTW it is interesting that 'globally' CSCs (i.e. mirrorless) has a total value of 125.2bn which is only 8.5% of the total market. With 4m units sold they do account for 20% of total ILC sales and 16.6% by value.

    BTW these numbers do 'add up' for me. For instance we know that Olympus reported sales of 37.8bn yen which gives Oly 30.9% of the market (which sounds right).

    So, in many respects, 2012 was not as bad in cold hard numbers as some of the misery surrounding the industry would suggest. But dont worry, 2013, is shaping up to be a lot worse.

    We only have the numbers for the first 3 months but here they are.

    Compacts 10.9m -47.6%
    ILCs 3.2m -22.4% (DSLRs 2.6m -23.2%, CSCs 0.6m -18.5%)

    Total 14.1m -43.4%

    In value terms things arent quite so bad - -33.4% - presumably reflecting the appreciation of the yen.

    A very long post I am afraid to say. Really pointing out that 2012 was 'that bad' but that 2013 is shaping up to be a 'lot worse'.
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    You tell 'em!!:biggrin:
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    The moment someone makes a decent camera with a phone in it, I"m buying it!
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    Yes cellphones are killing low end cameras, but also quality and skill; like everything nowadays. I am an Italian teacher in a high school in Milan and what I can see is that my students have difficulty reading from a book or even trying to find an argument using the index. Thats internet. Is it right or wrong? Who can say but its a fact and we must cope with it. So everyone can become a photografer with cellphones without boring about iso/aperture etc. and quality suffers.

    When my daughte is in a restaurant or grill she immediatly takes a pic of the meal and uploads it to facebook so her friends can see; impossible with dslrs or bigger than smartphone cameras; it's a lost war, so I think the future will be: low-end vs high-end users. And gear will be related to these users.
  17. Seeing more and more bad pictures now (mainly due to smartphones) isn't good it's annoying.

    And not all of the fault is due to the phones limitations.
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    Apr 16, 2010
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    I agree. Now anyone with a smartphone can think that he/she is a great photographer...and doesn't even know the basics.
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    There are people with the 'big' DSLR's like that too. :wink:
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    It's mostly my brother's photos that get me. They just added another cat, and out of perhaps 20 photos, I *still* can't make out anything other than it's a cat! :eek: They have several pugs, too, some fawn, some black. In the photos, I can't tell who's who, only that some are dark and others are darker. :rofl: