Showcase Olympus Pen 100mm f3.5

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    Couldn't find an existing thread for this lens. This lens is tiny and fits well in my coat pocket. Easy to focus and quite sharp. Lack of contrast easily fixed in post processing. Olympus100mm.jpg
    Overall, a joy to use and highly recommended
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    Apr 30, 2011
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    I like the Pen FT 100mm f/3.5 too. It's size and weight on a GF1 are great. But it took me several weeks of on and off messing with it to get results I liked. Initially everything was too flarey and too soft.
    I also discovered that our toilet paper rolls make a perfect press-fit hood on this lens as-is, with no vignetting.

    Here are some pre and post processing photos I'm happy with with this lens, showing how much better it is with a little rework in (for me) digikam.

    Post processed:

    As it came from the camera:

    Post processed:

    As it came from the camera:
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    Jul 14, 2014
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    Jul 14, 2014
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    Paul Franklin Stregevsky
    My E. Zuiko Auto-T 100/3.5 is the later, FT version--that is, the version whose aperture ring is marked conventionally (f/3.5 through f/16) and linearly (1, 2, 3, 4, and 5). The serial number is 210147, so my specimen was made too early to benefit from the improved coating that reportedly was introduced after, I think, 24xxxx.

    Here are three cellphone shots of the half-frame 100/3.5 shown alongside the full-frame Konica Hexanon 100/2.8:


    100-2.8_Konica_Hexanon_AR+100_3.5_Oly_half-frameP1010889.jpg 100-2.8_Konica_Hexanon_AR+100_3.5_Oly_half-frameP1010891.jpg

    And now, my test shots from the E. Zuiko Auto-T 100/3.5. All images were shot on my Panasonic Lumix G3 body. The images are JPEGs, straight out of the camera.

    f/4, 1/320th second, ISO 250, handheld, focused on the lower-left corner of the right-hand window:

    shot on a sunny day, hooded. f/8, ISO 400:

    f/4, 1/250th second, ISO 250, handheld, focused on the near edge of the brown circle surrounding the tree:

    shot on a sunnier day:
    f/8, ISO 400, handheld. Check out the detail in the corners. f/8 really improves depth of field; the tree branches almost come alive, I used a threaded hood, either 3-inch or 1.6-inch:


    f/4, 1/400th second, ISO 250, handheld, focused on the street sign:

    f/8, ISO 400, handheld, shot on a sunnier day:

    tripod, f/3.5, 1/2000th, ISO 160:

    tripod, f/4, 1/2000th, ISO 160:

    tripod, f/5.6, 1/1300th, ISO 160:

    tripod, f/8, 1/500th, ISO 160:
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