Olympus OM-D sales figures first year

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    Robert (Rob)
    I went to the LCE (London Camera Exchange) Pro Camera show in Southampton today where there was a presentation by a sales executive from Olympus UK

    He advised that the sales success of the O-MD had taken the company completely by surprise especially at launch when all the advance UK stock which was expected to last for a year was sold within 2 1/2 months of launch and that total sales had been in the region of 4.2 X the projected figures for the first year.
    This had all been despite a very low budget for advertising and a price point of approximately £1200.00 (including 12-50mm kit lens) which they though would limit sales considerably !

    He went on to say that of total OM-D sales approximately 60% were to new customers moving from DSLRs ! - a much higher proportion than those upgrading from other Olympus cameras

    One thing that came to mind when I had a brief chat was that the company had failed to produce an Olympus 'OM-D' badged camera bag (or any simply badged Olympus)
    I appreciate that not everyone would want to walk around with their camera make and model emblazoned upon their kit bag but I suggested that they were missing a trick and a lot of free advertising and product promotion and awareness by not producing a badged bag !

    An interesting day (several other presentations including a photographer who had been on an expedition with some pro climbers to Antarctica November - December 2012 sponsored by Berghaus)

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    Hi Rob!

    Olympus does sell an "Olympus" branded camera bag, I have a review of it in this thread:


    That's from their on line store (U.S.); from Amazon (U.S.) there are two:

    Amazon.com: Olympus E-System Micro 4/3 Digital SLR Camera Case - Gadget Bag (Black) for PEN E-PL1, E-PL2, E-P3, E-PL3, E-PM1 and OM-D E-M5: OLYMPUS: Camera & Photo

    Amazon.com: Olympus E System Travel Bag: Camera & Photo

    Interesting numbers on the first year sales - although if their sales department had polled me last year and asked if I would trade my Nikon D300 kit for a :43: outfit I would have laughed. It was only after the EM-5 was being touted online, with some early reviews and photos and spec sheets that I started considering the EM-5. I didn't actually purchase one until mid June of '12.


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    Olympus' strategy with the OM-D has worked quite well. Their pessimism in terms of projected sales ended up making it quite sought-after. The price from UK retailers has barely changed from day one, and it isn't much better if you buy used. They positioned the camera as a premium product, and aimed to make a large margin on each unit but not sell very many. If they'd done what Panasonic seem to like to do, and produce a whole load of them, then slash the price a few months down the road, maybe it wouldn't have generated the same buzz. And maybe I'd be able to afford one.
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    Thanks for sharing this . So , we can conclude that OMD is the King of mirrorrless.
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    Haha... Amen to that!!!
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    Mirrorless Mirrorless in my hand .. who's the fairest in the land ... :)
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    I think they got a heck of a lot right. It's not perfect, CAF is not up to good pdaf systems and I have a couple of niggles about handling. But it has a lot of high end features and very good IQ in a small and light container. I'd looked a lot at Pens and like a lot about them but really thought it was time for a sensor upgrade, I looked at the D7000 and D7 and while I liked the D7000 I thought, "this is just too big for what I want." I think the E-M5 hit a market. I suspect there are more competitors in that market now.
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    I think the full controls, small form factor, great IBIS and finally an MFT cam (=solid lens lineup, looking at you Sony) with really good IQ pulled a lot of folks like me over the line. dPreview's image quality tests at higher ISO helped as well.

    Before that, all cams looked OK but nothing that would pull me from FF canon. The GH is too video geared and too large for me, don't like the G series much, don't like stick of VFs, 12 MP was not enough, and the whole package was just right.

    Even so, the fact the airport had the kit on sale for 1100 euros a few weeks post release with kit (ie not much more than the body only price) made it the impulse purchase I am most happy I ever made.
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    Jun 10, 2011
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    Robert (Rob)
    Another Olympus employee who was at the show who did a brief presentation about the camera itself said that the DP review had had a great impact on sales
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    Great camera and great lenses but, they still need to look at what Panasonic do and supply pouches + hoods with their lenses especially the premium primes.

    I have had mine a week after letting all my DSLR kit go and also traded in my GX1 and an association dating back to the original GF1, I love the pany cameras and the new GX1 is a worthy upgrade from the GF1 but, for me , the OMD is in a different league both in build quality as well as quality of EVF compared to LVF2 on Pany.

    I know there is a huge price difference between the two but I am convinced the OMD is worth it and it is good to see Olympus breaking away and using a Sony sensor (they have finally admitted that after a long time) that excels.

    I am not sure there is a lot they could do to improve the body except improve AF focus tracking, other than that all seems superb and for me the difference between carrying a Full frame DSLR + 4 lenses is incredible, less than half the weight and probably a third of the footprint size yet (I know this may be contraversial) IQ difference between my FF and OMD is not as huge as I expected and in same cases almost equal - the OMD certainly produces IQ on par with many APS-C cameras especially when using quality Olympus glass.

    I am one happy and healthier photographer with a renewed enthiusiasm!
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    I personally never got into the whole digital photography hype until I saw an E-P3 in person. My wife owned a DSLR system and she always complained of how heavy it was (often she got me to carry it and the weight was significant for an APS-C DSLR plus 3 lenses. I carry my OM-D with 3 lenses in a mini-messenger bag and barely notice the weight.

    My sister still insists on there being a notable difference between the OM-D and newer cropped DSLR sensors viewing at 100% but she's a graphic designer. For 95% of us (including wedding photographers), the IQ the OM-D (and GH-3) provide are more than enough. I've printed out large 11x14 photo book spreads and am happy with the quality I get. Granted, I haven't tried larger prints than that.

    The DSLR era will end just as surely as hard drives with moveable parts will soon be replaced by solid state drives. That's just how technology rolls. I'm sure all of us are old enough to remember how music albums went from vinyl to cassette tape to CD to downloadable mp3s and how movies went from Betamax to VHS to LCDs to DVDs and now Blu-Ray plus digital download.