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    Some of you may be familiar with some of the little Olympus Miniatures that have been released, such as the E-PL2 keychain with interchangeable lenses, available in both black and silver, such as this one being sold on this site by Mclaren (I hope you don't mind the plug!): https://www.mu-43.com/f17/miniature-olympus-olympus-e-pl2-keychain-toy-25136/

    Well, they apparently did the same thing back with the Olympus Trip, but as a necklace instead of a keychain and with an opening film back and working winder instead of interchangeable lenses (appropriate, as the Trip was a fixed lens camera). I just found this via pinterest... ;)


    Link: 사진ì￾€ 권ë*¥ì￾´ë‹¤ :: 디테ì￾¼ ë￾‹ëŠ” ìž‘ì￾€ 올림푸스 필름 ì¹´ë©”ë￾¼ 모양ì￾˜ 목걸ì￾´
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