Olympus M1 Mark II Video Touch AF While S-AF Problem


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Mar 12, 2016
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I am having an autofocus problem while in video. Ok. Olympus M1 Mark II. Mode dial at video. Autofocus set to S-AF. Autofocus point set to regular size middle center of the screen. The image on the screen that indicates the screen touch mode has a green rectangle and a yellow right hand with index finger. I start video recording. If I press the shutter button half way down, the camera will focus on the object the focus rectangle is pointed at. And then stop autofocusing. If I move the camera around, the focus does not change, it stays where it was set with the push of the shutter button, because I am in S-AF mode. Then. When I push my finger on the screen to initiate focus, a larger rectangle comes up on the screen under where I pushed my finger, and the camera focuses on the object under where my finger pressed. If I am moving the camera, or if I move the camera right after it acquires focus, the camera will focus on a new object under the new larger square as if the camera is in continuous autofocus mode. And this seems to happen as long as I am moving the camera. When I pause and stop moving the camera, it focuses on the last object under the new larger green square, and then sticks to that focus.

To experiment, I have my lens at 2.8 and have three objects set up at distances where there is image blur when any of the other two are in focus. I start video, point the camera at one of the objects, and the camera beautifully slowly brings the focus to the object on the screen under where I pressed, but then just when the screen obtains focus, I start moving around to each object in turn: 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, etc., and the camera will continuously focus on each object in turn, until I rest the camera on one of the objects for a moment after autofocus is aquired. This is a problem for me. I like the slow speed of the autofocus and like how the autofocus smoothly arrives on an object, but I want to be able to press the screen while recording video on new objects as I move the camera around, and then I have the focus stick to the focus distance of the object I under where my finger pressed.

One more thing, when I press my finger onto the screen, the new larger rectangle comes up on the screen, and the touch screen mode indicator to the left of the screen changes to a green rectangle with "Off" in white. If I press this touch screen mode thing on the screen while I am going around my 1 2 3 objects, the larger rectangle will change back to the original focus rectangle, but the focusing on new objects continues. I still have to pause and keep the camera pointed to an object to get the continuous autofocus to stop.

I would like to use this touching the screen during run and gun documentary shooting to have control of my focus distance, but it seems like it is designed only for focusing on new stationary objects while the camera movement is paused.

Do you have any setting recommendations for me to have the finger push on the screen to act just like the shutter half way pressing does?

Thank you for reading.
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