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I received my new (to me) Olympus OM-2 kit today from a guy at work. Ti's an Olympus OM-2 body, 75-150mm f4 lens, Flash, electric winder, filters and all the orig books and instructions plus a beautiful leather case (see pics)

Everything is in as new condition!! I'm well chuffed! I really only bought it for the lens which is just like new!!!!!!

All for £42.50!

Here are the pics:
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Yeah, I'll pop it on the GF1 and see what i get. Should be good as the lens is spotless!

I will also get some B&W film and run it through just to see what it's like but I'm just chuffed about the lens really!:thumbup:


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Although I've never owned one, I find OM-1s and OM-2s to be among the most attractive camera bodies ever manufactured. Nice purchase. :thumbup:


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Brings back memories...

I got my first OM-1 in 1975. Dropped in 2000' in Chamonix. Got another. Sold that and bought an OM-2s sometime in the 80's. Absolutely great stuff!

Eventually sold the OM-2, a 50mm f1.2, bracket and flash when the Canon G9 came out. I wish I still had the 50mm!

The flash is compact and great. You can still use it in Manual/Auto using wireless remotes. :thumbup:


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I still owning in my arsenal a OM-2 and OM-2n, the zoom lenses I sell and muy prime lens with superior IQ. Still shooting sometimes films. Nice deal.


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Ah, that brings back memories. I used to own both an OM1 and OM2, plus the 75-150mm zoom. Here's a pic (taken a long, long time ago) with the 75-150mm on my OM1, using Kodachrome 64 film. :smile:

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That's a real bargain you have there - I'd have been tempted, just for old time's sake. But boy, do I wish we had micro 4/3 in those days - I may not have crippled my knees carying too much weight up big hills (I used to carry Medium Format as well).