Olympus FL-LM1 Flash Compatibility

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  1. Does anyone know if the accessory flash from the E-PM1 and E-PL3 is compatible across other models? Specifically I am thinking of the E-M5. I rarely use a flash but it would be handy to have something small and light to go with the E-M5 (no on-board flash, why???). As a second question, is it even any good. There is of course the FL-300 as well but it is bigger and more expensive. Thanks
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    There is an LM2 flash which comes with the E-M5, which I believe is the exact same except for being weather sealed. The main purpose of these flashes is to operate as a Remote Commander to use the RC capabilities of Olympus cameras with R-series wireless flash units. It should be forwareds-compatible with all Olympus bodies, but it is not backwards compatible and does not have a trigger contact like a normal flash unit. It is operated soley through the Accessory Port.

    The output and capabilities are like any regular pop-up flash.

    I don't personally have a use for it, but nor would I use the FL-300 either. I wouldn't buy a flash with a gun-style head to mount my light modifiers on, so the smallest I buy are like the FL-36R or FL-600R.
  3. Oops, you're right :redface:. The E-M5 does come with the LM2 standard. Problem solved. Thanks!