Olympus FL-600R TTL Issues


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I have a relatively new Olympus FL-600R flash attached to my E-M5 and for the life of me, cannot change the mode on the flash to TTL. I used to have this ability before. I only have three options when depressing the mode button - A, M and RC. I should also have two additional TTL modes at my disposal but I do not.

I have tried changing the batteries and reset the flash's settings but still nothing. Never dropped the flash either.

Could it be an inadvertent camera setting preventing this? But I highly doubt it because even with the flash detached from the camera, still no TTL option.

Help please. I checked the web and can't find anything on this. I even read the manual!!! :)


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Maybe it is worth checking the connecting pins and the hot shoe for cleanliness. Ensure the flash is seating all the way onto the hot shoe. A, M and RC modes only would indicate the flash is not connecting with the camera.


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Check the flash settings in the SCP on your camera.
I may have stumbled upon the solution by mistake. In the SCP, I had the flash set to "fill" but changed it to 2nd curtain synch and now TTL works. I understand what 2nd curtain synch is but I do not understand why that setting is required in order for the flash to work in TTL mode?


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And now that I changed the setting back to "fill in", it still works....this is too strange.


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I have had this issue in the past, if I have not pushed the flash in all the way properly. It is possible to 'lock' the flash in place, but not have it pushed in all the way and making good contact with the hot shoe.