Olympus FL-14 and E-M1 Flash with large lenses

Discussion in 'Accessories' started by OzRay, Feb 19, 2014.

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    Amongst the other Olympus flash units that I have, I've got the FL-14 and the new mini-flash that comes with the E-M1. The latter are all well and good, but entirely unsuited when you want to use them with larger lenses. What happens is that the lens cuts off part of the flash and you get only half of the subject being illuminated by the flash. I really like the idea of the E-M1 flash, but I wish there was an accessory shoe that elevated the flash so that it could illuminate above large lenses, especially 4/3 lenses. The new E-M1 flash is a neat little unit and being so tiny, would be great to just carry around for the odd occasions when a bit of fill flash would be handy. Much the same goes for the FL-14, but the E-M1 is neater.

    To illustrate, we had another Aussie visitor in the house and, before taking it outside, I thought I'd see how the E-M1 would go with the small flash units. BTW, the subject is an Australian Huntsman spider, quite harmless, and this one was the largest we've had inside (the leg span was about 5"). I tried to get some shots as I carried it out, but it kept climbing up my arm to my shoulder and wouldn't cooperate at all. Anyway, the first shot is with an FL-36 and the second with the E-M1 flash and I had to stand on a step and have the 14-35mm lens about 6"-8" from the cuddly little critter and using the rear screen tilted to frame the shots. The two shots illustrate the issue with the E-M1 flash and the FL-14, where they just don't work with larger lenses. I know these flash units are intended for the m4/3 lenses, but it'd be nice to use them effectively with others as well.

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