Olympus EM-1 Image Stabilization Issue?

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by riverr02, Jan 24, 2014.

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    May 2, 2011
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    Hello everyone. Last night I received my EM-1 from Amazon. Didn't really need it, as the EM-5 has been great, but I'd like to have access to more physical buttons to control the camera, I appreciate the extra grip, and I thought the larger viewfinder would be useful.

    So I was testing it out last night having just taken it out of the box with the Oly 75, when I noticed a difference between the IS on the EM-1 and on my EM-5. On the latter, when I depress the focus button halfway to initiate focus and thereby start the use of IS, it works flawlessly and when I release the focus button the IS stops without impacting the image I see in the viewfinder. On the EM-1, I can visibly see the IS start up, it successfully stabilizes the image, but- and here's what gets me- when I release the shutter from its halfway press, the IS continues for about a second or so, stops, and when it stops, the image in the viewfinder "stutters" for lack of a better word back to its non-stabilized state.

    I tried this with my 12-35 utilizing the zoom's IS- no issues there. I also tried it with the P25 1.4 and I didn't notice it as much, perhaps because of the difference in the focal length.

    Any one else notice this or care to see if they can replicate it? Since it's brand new, if it's not a known "thing" I'd be happy to return it despite the hassle.

    Thanks in advance.
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