Olympus 60mm f/2.8 Macro - Lens Hood 'Slides'

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  1. Foolish me that I didn't see this previously, but rather discovered it by accident. I was swapping my 60mm back and forth between Pen-F and GX8 this afternoon shooting macro still lifes and 4K Photos of Goldfinches...I tried to affix the lens hood (sold separately) on my 60mm Oly lens and it just wouldn't snap/screw on into its grooves as usual.
    What I discovered is the 'male' part of the 'grooves' on the hood are on a sliding circle inside the hood such that once you pull that circle forward, you can attach the lens. This was a surprise to me, until I surmised that the hood is intended to 'collapse' onto the 60mm by sliding back towards the body. Very cool!! Just never realized it and thought I'd share.
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    Yep, I find it useful in (almost) fully-retracted mode as a protective housing when sliding the front edge of the lens around on the ground or a wall, trying to get low-angle shots of bugs. A slice or two of old bicycle innertube around the lens tube can help support the back part of the hood a little better in this configuration.