Olympus 15/8 review at SLRGear

Discussion in 'Native Lenses' started by dhazeghi, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. dhazeghi

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    SLRGear has posted a review of the Olympus body cap lens, including sharpness, distortion, CA and vignetting charts. Not that this is a lens where it makes a whole lot of sense to worry about MTFs, but there it is!
  2. Ray Sachs

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    If I ever looked at that kind of data, I wouldn't in this case. And since I generally don't, I'm not gonna start for this lens...

  3. RevBob

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    They field tested it on a Panasonic camera. This must be the reason they claimed you would get a, "lens not found" message on an Olympus camera. Makes me wonder about the rest of the review. :rolleyes:
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    Yeah, I thought the same thing when I read that! :)

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  5. drd1135

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    They seem to accept the lens for what it is and find it interesting. They recommend it as good implementation of a simple concept. The data is interesting, a sharp spot in the center and then it softens to the edges. They almost seem surprised that such a simple lens could be as good as it is.

    Me, I like the 15 mostly for the fuss it causes and the nice images I've seen made with it. ;-)
  6. addieleman

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    Being me, I know I'd regret that I didn't use a better lens when a picture taken with the 15/8 cap turns out to be a keeper.