Olympus 12-40mm f/2.8 Pro for Infrared?

Old Nick

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The Oly 12-40 is definitely on my wishlist, but I really like taking IR photos with my converted Panny GX1 (720nm).

I've noticed a few of the higher-end Oly lenses appear to suffer in infrared (hotspots, poor contrast), so has anyone tried the Oly 12-40 for infrared?


Old Nick

New to Mu-43
Took these in my backyard this morning with my full spectrum E-PL3 and a Hoya R72 filter on the 12-40mm.
Not the best white balance, but good enough for this test...
Overcast for the next few days here, I will take other shot later this week...
Thank you, I'll look forward to some sunnier shots :) but things look promising so far.

Here is a new shot...

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