Oly-oop, an Android wireless tether app for Olympus wi-fi enabled cameras

Discussion in 'Olympus Cameras' started by baconbringer, Feb 8, 2016.

  1. baconbringer

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    Feb 5, 2016
    Hello, I recently published Oly-oop which is a small and simple wireless tethering app for the Olympus cameras with wi-fi. This is not meant as a replacement for the O.I.Share app as it does not do anything that O.I.Share does but it does do something it doesn't, auto downloading RAW and/or JPG images as they are shot. It is meant to be used in conjunction with an image viewer or editor as it does not display the pictures itself but rather downloads them to a folder called "Oly-oop." As you may know, the wi-fi on these cameras is not very fast which means the tethering isn't very fast but there's nothing I can do about unfortunately. After you connect your camera to your phone through wifi when you start tethering it will put your camera back into a controllable mode rather than the typical wifi connected screen.

    I have only tested with my E-M10 connected to my HTC One phone, Nvidia Shield tablet, and an android emulator, but it should work with almost any android device and wi-fi enabled Olympus camera.

    Here it is Oly-oop - Android Apps on Google Play
    It is totally free and there are no ads.

    I'm not sure how many people really have a use case for this but the reason I wanted it is to look at shots on a nice big screen as I go. I'd appreciate others giving it a shot and some feedback.

    Kevin Perkins
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  2. wjiang

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    Have you reverse engineered the protocol or something? It would be nice to get the API directly in a useful form, even a listing of message formats would be nice... I have a Windows tablet.
  3. baconbringer

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    Feb 5, 2016
    If you connect your camera and go to in a browser you will get an xml list of commands that is not documented but for the most part it's easy to tell what's what. For convenience i put the file on dropbox. Every command is sent by an http request. In order to get the camera to be useable while connected to wi-fi I call While there is a command to get a list of pictures, it does not work while the camera is in shutter mode so there is actually no official way to do what this app does. I had to take advantage of the fact that will return html and within that html is the list of files on the camera. I parse this list on a continuous loop, checking for new photos, and if there are new pictures download them.

    Also, does your windows tablet run windows RT or full windows? RT only runs mobile, metro style apps but full windows tablets can run any windows program and this program Camera Control does what Oly-oop does with it's Live Import feature (and also does everything O.I.Share does).
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  4. wjiang

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    Thanks a lot for that! Mine is a Surface 3, so full Windows. I'll definitely take a look at that application.
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  5. Klorenzo

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    Mar 10, 2014
    On a PC you should be able to get a similar thing first unlocking the camera with the command:

    and then running a website mirroring program with a high update frequency (like this one for example).

    Another note: by default the camera wifi only accept connections from one device at a time but there is a option to allow more then one (a smartphone and a PC for example).

    This is an overview of Camera control I wrote some time ago that could be of interest:

    Camera control (tethered shooting) quick overview
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