Oly Kit Lens on G5

Discussion in 'Panasonic Cameras' started by DynaSport, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. DynaSport

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    Jan 5, 2013
    Ok, I couldn't help myself and I ordered one of those G5s for 239.99, but of course it is a body only deal. So, I was actually planning to buy a lens next and this took a chunk out of my lens fund. I currently have the Oly 14-42 II R kit lens as my walk around lens on my E-PM1. I assume this lens will work fine on the G5, but here is my question.

    Is it worth it to pick up a used P14-45 for less than $200 to use on the G5, or should I just stick with the Oly kit lens and put that $200 toward a prime? I find the Oly kit lens fine for general usage on the E-PM1, but of course it doesn't have OIS like the Pan does. I'm not sure how important that is to me, as I used Canon DSLRs for years with IS in standard zooms.

    Anyway, your thoughts will be appreciated. I guess my plan now is to just get the body and try the Oly and see what I think, but I'm sure there are some on this board with more knowledge/experience with this situation than I have.
  2. DHart

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    Scottsdale, Arizona
    If I were in your shoes, using the G5 (great camera, BTW) I'd put the Oly 14-42 for sale on eBay and replace it with the Pany 14-45... for the OIS, the great build quality, and the great imaging the 14-45 is capable of.

    Then, determine what focal lengths/lenses you might use the most with additional lenses.

    In the meantime and for a long time to come, the Pany 14-45 will serve up magnificent images for you, in a very useful range of focal lengths, with the benefit of OIS for times when that will of helpful to you. The Pany 14-45 is one lens that has stood the test of time magnificently. If I could only have 1 lens in this system, it would be the 12-35 and if that option was out, it would be the 14-45. For the $200 it's a top choice.
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